Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All time fav

Monday, December 8, 2008

Absolute stillness

Hey everybody,

I just realized that I haven't been listening to any songs other than my iTunes which are really really outdated songs. And it doesn't help that I put the exact same song on replay =/ Maybe I should start bouncing back to the mainstream music?

Or maybe not. (I don't mean to sound whiny and all that, but it was the first time in like 6 months since I last tuned in to the radio stations here in KL, and I can't believe how shitty it is. They play the same song for more than 20 times a day!?)

Anyways, I'm back in KL now! Aaaaaaah...it's always good to be home. I haven't met up with any of my friends yet. To tell you the truth, I don't go out much. Probably not enough at all. I know, I am a complete couch potato who spends her whole day watching TV, if not sleeping or reading or on the internet. Don't be fooled, I'm not even reading any worthy articles as of now - no political articles or novels, just pure bimbo-ness courtesy of Hello, OK!, Vogue, Perezhilton.com, Bazaar, fashion blogs and any of the likes. Yes, I have become worse off since attending uni. The last thing I wanna do after say, reading Management of Financial Institution or Deegan's Financial Accounting or the 800-something-page Corporate Law textbook is to have more heavy readings. So I'm happy to be in this position where I feel smarter than ever by dodging myself with completely irrelevant and trivial information. I love it! =)

I do, however, have a mental list of what I'd love to do this holiday. Just really simple stuff like hanging out with friends, and maybe attend some events, like the Rantai Art Event in Ampang next week or perhaps some plays? (Do they have any?) I was really looking forward to hanging out at my aunts' place but one of my aunt's in LA with her whole family and the other one's in Mecca right now for Hajj with her family. And Naseeha and Muneeba are going to Egypt in less than 2 weeks. Then it's Euro trip for me Insya Allah : ) If everything goes well, I'll be leaving on Christmas day for around 3 weeks. It's been almost 4 years since my last trip to London and it'll be my first time in Paris, Prague and Berlin so I'm especially looking forward to that *fingers crossed* Which explains why I'm brushing up on my rusty French so that I'll be able to speak with the locals and make the most out of my time there. Then there's the PETRONAS camp which will be a few days after I arrive back to KL. I just saw the program outline and I must say it looks pretty damn good - kayaking to and fro Pangkor Island, camping out, rigging/sailing/rowing, expedition planning, cooking whilst camping out and all that. I'm so diggin it- finally get to do some cool stuff which I love =)

Having said that, I guess my holiday would be pretty much packed in a non-crazy kinda way which is good cause I still want to be able to laze around doing nothing. My mom wants me to do internship with PWC, but seeing how limited my days are in KL, I don't think it'll be viable after all. We'll see how things go...

Oh, did I mention that my exam results are coming out THIS friday? (What, already?!) OMG. I just hope I do well enough in all to have a good holiday without a clouded mind (Amin to that). I'm a bit scared for Cost Management and perhaps ACE since I did badly in my mid-sem but I hope it turns out OK.

Oh wow, I'm sleepy right now. Had a late jog with my sys and mom.

See yous! =)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm not feeling too well today and Royal's will start tomorrow. Yikes. I'll promise to blog on Royals, whatever the outcome is, as I have this gut feeling that this would be my last Royals!

ps: Semua dijemput hadir!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just another day

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday - 2 of the most important exams yet.

Stressed out.


Back and joint pain.

And now, HUNGRY. No food at home yet the weather is 15' outside (plus rainy and windy) so it will take a hell lot of will power for me to brave the cold just to keep the growling noises from my tummy silent for a minute.

Don't you feel sorry for me?

I feel sorry for me.

Someone, feed me and give me a back rub please. Sigh.

I wanna go home.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Slumdog Millionare

I just saw the trailer and read the reviews of this movie, and I must say - I'm having great expectations already. I hope this movie will hit our shores, tho I'm a bit skeptical that it would happen. Can't hardly wait...

Friday, November 14, 2008

I am officially SAD

Someone's going to Bangkok for THREE WEEKS next Tuesday and will only come back 2 days before my flight back to KL ='(

I'll put on a smile and try not to do anything stupid, like cry (don't think I will though)

I just hate saying goodbye.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making sense of Shahril

by Zuhri Aziz

A motion on education at the Umno Lembah Pantai division meeting last week caught my interest. It was for more emphasis on the subject of history in schools a direct response to the Prime Ministers call to make the subject compulsory at primary school level. It ultimately found unanimous support among delegates.

The rationale: History can fill the gaping vacuum that has been preventing the majority of youth from appreciating the socio-cultural development of the various communities in Malaysia.

Admittedly, I too have struggled to find a satisfactory explanation as to why this has happened. After all, I underwent roughly the same syllabus the history of Malaysia's road to nationhood and learnt the importance of harmonious race relations. So, why the sudden need to re-educate our youth?

I met with Shahril, 23, a former student leader. As a representative of his young peers and a proud second generation product of the New Economic Policy, I was hopeful he would be able to provide a thought starter. I was also aware that a conversation with Shahril would not (by a mile) constitute a comprehensive picture of the issue.

As we spoke and I found out more about the diet Shahril and his friends grew up on, it reinforced my initial belief that an important reason behind the different ways we view Malaysia was because of access to information.

My generation had relied heavily on the textbooks, teachers and of course the Government-controlled media. In many cases, whatever information churned out was taken as unquestionable truth. Shahril, on the other hand, had grown up with the Internet.

It was his medium and a strong substitute for traditional information dissemination. His understanding of historical and cultural realities were influenced by the many analysts and pioneer online socio-political commentators like the late journalist MGG Pillai and current MP Jeff Ooi. Although Shahril said he had abandoned most local forums and blogs because of their increasingly tabloid-esque content, the Internet connection was and nonetheless still is the major influencing platform for his generations strong views on issues. Views that were not necessarily the same as those in the mainstream media.

His political awakening, he remembers, came circa 1998 the controversies, and commotion surrounding Anwar Ibrahim. The extensive coverage of subsequent court cases via alternative telecommunications platforms guaranteed that Shahrils generation was arriving at political cynicism much earlier. As a result, although an Umno supporter, Shahril admitted to still feeling some degree of sympathy towards Anwar.

Shahril also seemed focused on the intangibles of a host of different issues including race relations, equality, freedom of speech, and injustices in politics. For example, he couldn't fathom why much of the Barisan Nasional campaign rhetoric of the last General Elections insisted on looking backwards by focusing on physical development. To Shahril and his peers, the physical developmental prowess of the BN was old currency.

In his eyes, Bangsar has always been a thriving entertainment and shopping district. The North South highway has always connected people from faraway places. In a way, this embodies the fact that Malaysia is taken for granted by many and especially by our youth as a constantly developing country. Physically anyway.

So, Shahrils generation is looking out for explanations on certain current issues relating to nation-building and race relations that will shape their future. Specifically, they feel the traditional rhetoric must be modified. The thirst for answers for their analytical and Internet influenced mind must be quenched by laying out the facts, toning down the spin.

As much as they look at past history, they are also looking at the future.

People of my generation must admit that the goal post has changed. I feel we may well be playing a different game altogether. As the electorate becomes younger almost 50 per cent by the time the next election comes around there is a need to address the detachment.

Do not get me wrong; it is a good idea to inject history lessons at a younger age. But we need to look at the issue in light of today's realities. It would be simplistic to think the younger generations views are formed by their ignorance of the facts of history, or due to the case of young blood.

As Shahril took leave and walked away from our coffee table, I picked up the distinct youthful swagger in his stride.

I am unsure if we have failed our younger generation, but we have certainly failed to keep up with them.

● Zuhri Aziz is the Deputy Director of Akademi Pemuda. The views expressed here and in his recently set up blog (tgzuhri.blogspot. com) do not represent the views of the organisation he works with.

*Taken from today's Malay Mail

Dropping by

I had a bad week.

So i think i deserve today's delight - the good night sleep, the yummy sushi, the perfect sunny weather, the nice atmosphere outside. Suddenly everything and everyone look picture perfect in my eyes : )

Thursday's a very productive day indeed! Settled all my laundry, petronas claims, cleaned my room so at least I get to breathe fresh air for a start : ) All I need to do left is to vacuum my room (my vacuum cleaner's not working though) AND bring myself to study. Oh my. Okay, I HAVE TO start tonite. I can't afford to screw any one of my papers. Especially not this semester please. So yes Nabila, do yourself a favor and start doing some serious accounting work ok?


Anyways, that's it I guess.

More of happier days ahead, I hope!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My finals are coming up in about a week.

Yes, I am currently in the self-absorbed/obsessive mode where I think, eat and breathe Corporate Law and MFI. I wished it had come sooner than this but it's never too late right.

I hope this obsession stays till my exam. I need this sorta momentum going.

And NO, I will NOT drop any of my finance subjects just because some of my friends are doing it hence I will still stick to my old plan of majoring in both accounting & finance cause I love finance. Plus it's good to have finance to balance out the technical and boring aspects of accounting. The calculations and theory in finance can at least keep me sane and entertained for the whole one year plus that I have left.

Et pour votre information, je vais etudiante le langue de francais, encore! Je suis tres heureux! : )

Anyway, wish me luck in my exam! I'll be needing your prayers : )

Have a good night everyone


Monday, October 27, 2008

I miss them!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Books Galore! MPH Warehouse Sale..

I'm not going to spend any money now on books. I think I spent quite enough money on it to last me for a couple of months especially after the finals. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm (since the waiting line on Zati's book is so long!). It was really HOT and there was so many people around but it was worth the time and money spent. Books of my selection are priced from rm8, 15 and 20.

I managed to get Zaimah The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, and if she replied my msg, Dante's Inferno. Got 3 books for Mama - 2 by Lee Child and 1 James Patterson. She really digs into this whole mystery/espionage series and little sister got herself the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer which is said to be replacing the Harry Potter craze which I don't quite understand because it's nowhere as good as Harry and also Spark's A Walk To Remember. It's filled with raging teenage hormones (yes, I was doped into buying the first book..).
I managed to treat myself to classics, something which I want to get for a long time. Bronte, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Oscar Wilde and Henry James. I also managed to get some book by Grisham, Ahern, Zaid Ibrahim, and Picoult. I was tempted to get 1421 but I was trying not to be greedy.

This isn't the right time to be talking about fictions when final exams are coming up in less than 5 days! All the best in your respective finals, whoever you are and wherever you are.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

God works in mysterious ways

My dear friend Sara has passed away at 9.15 pm malaysian time in her battle against cancer.


Please extend our prayers to her and may Allah s.w.t. bless her and may she rest in peace, InsyaAllah.

I was so shocked (still is) after I received the news 15 minutes ago . A friend of mine told me 'it's a reminder to us that life is temporary, and can be taken away at any time'.....MasyaAllah.

I love you, Sara.

Your friend Nabila.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Love offers no logical explanation, and it should stay that way.

I am, in love. Which is not necessarily all that good, or bad either. Just in love.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am blogging from the Law library. You get the coolest view from where I am right now.

Anyways.Supposed to be catching up on my lectures and tute work, but what does a few minutes of blogging do? Well, I'll take my chances.

I admit that I am quite the hopeless blogger that I am when it comes to updating this blog (and I can say the same for you Pipon) =P But in my defence,there's nothing out of the ordinary to write about,particularly cause everything's been more or less the same so why bother boring everyone with the details?

SO...what's going on,you ask? Well, I just finished my 2-week break which, like most cases, suck big time. That simply means sticking back to the vicious cycle of classes, work load and whatnots. And cutting back on wasteful activities which I favour over the one I'm having right now. Nonetheless, I've got to stay focus and keep myself grounded for the remaining part of this semester. I don't wanna screw this one up (God forbid) plus I'm quite looking forward to what would be a probable Europe trip with my family InsyaAllah.

Oh, I forgot to mention about my trip to Mornington Peninsular, which is a 2-hour drive away from inner Melbourne. For the first time, I actually swam with the seals and dolphins in the ocean and it was freaking freaking AWESOME! The beach water was crystal clear and not quite like any beach I've ever seen before and fortunately for us, the wheather was sunny and perfect (though the water temp was a freezing 10 celcius). I'll post up some pics as soon as I get them from the rest :) Other than the trip, I just spent my days just going out, a bit of shopping here and there, PetroVic dinner and of course, raya feast...which reminds me SELAMAT HARI RAYA,MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN to everyone! :) My raya here wasn't nearly as fun as the ones I had with my family and friends back home but I guess it's what you make of it.

Speaking of family, did I mention that my aunt's coming this Sunday? I'm ecstatic! I'm actually missing Malam Gemilang to hang out with her but c'mon,let's be realistic
here: Malam Gemilang over staying at a 5-star hotel with your favorite aunt? Not a chance! So yes, I wish her a safe and sound journey to Melbourne :)

Tun Mahathir's coming this Saturday for the Seminar Pembangunan Ihsan and I'll be expected to be up so early that morning cause me and a few of my friends will have to take care of the registration, which starts at 9am. Uh-huh. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to that event and I'll let you know on the insights on that day.

Well people,I think I've said what I wanted to say..or at least most of it. Gotta start on my work now. Till next time, ciao!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'll be Back

I promise..... .SOON!

This time I'll try to be me again after SPM. If you know what I mean, good for you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nothing in particular

I've given up trying to find a maxi dress.

Everything that I've been eyeing either isn't maxi enough i.e. a tad too short, or caters only for those with "too small" or "too big" a bust.

I'm starting to feel like they have something against me. Or maybe it's just the 20 or so shops that I've been to. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I managed to buy this gorgeous emerald green summer dress from ishka this evening and I'm really happy with it! Considering the weather in Melbourne is still very much in the winter-cum-spring zone, I think I'd give it another month or so before I can wear it. I guess the beach would have to wait.

Anyways, can't believe September is almost over now and October's on its way - gosh it'll be such a hectic month and by that, I mean raya celebrations, the Seminar Pembangunan Ihsan (something like that) with Dr. Mahathir (yup,the big old man's coming to town) then there's Malam Gemilang on the 12th Oct which will be on the same day my aunt's visiting me (especially looking forward to this). Then of course there's my birthday on the 19th (I'm afraid I'm not gonna be all modest about it...LOL) then there's also exam preps and whatnots. I hope it'll be a good month ahead! Amin to that.

Oooh did I mention that I'm on a 2-week break right now? One word: HEAVEN. Just what I need after a not much sought-after first half of the semester. But I suppose I cant complain much cause so far things aren't that bad, academic-wise. I got a H1 for my cost management mid-sem test (yeay) but on the other hand, sucked badly in ACE (Accounting for Corporate Entities). So bad that I thought I was gonna fail the test so I'm really thankful that I didn't! But that's not an excuse for my shitty result so I really have to start putting more effort into ACE.

Anyways, I've got so many things that are bugging me right now. My mind is in such a mess and not in its best state yet since these last few days. In fact, I'm quite surprised at how NORMAL I seem to be blogging. I do not and will not mention it here but I'm thankful to have this blog as a leverage for me to vent out some stuffs that people consider to be so trivial yet so significant and important to me (like the maxi dress that doesn't fit me, for example). That's the only way I know on how to help me deal with a bad day - writing. It helps me focus on other parts of my life and the more trivial it is, the more I tend to take things around me lightly and with a sense of humor. Maybe that's why I'm a sucker for stupid sites like perezhilton.com or online shopping like e-bay or gojane.com (girls, you HAVE to check out the shoes!!!! It's bloody nice and filthy cheap). It helps me shift my attention from the problems that I have, even if it's temporary. It works for me...

Hrmphhh I'm sleepy as ever hsjfhfhsgdfhsdgfhgsdhfgs....so sleepy that I can't type right. Heh.

Will update some other time. Until then, later!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy ramadhan

1) I've got so many things that I'd like to add and improvise in this blog yet I am, unfortunately, technologically-challenged in every sense of the word. Does the thought count, though? :P

2) I can be totally self-absorbed for 4 whole days and then lose it the next second. I was so engrossed in my work that I completely didn't think about Daniel and now I'm missing him like a fat boy misses his treats on a strict diet regime. I've made a point only to see him occasionally throughout Ramadhan and by that, I mean just dropping by at the restaurant to say hello. It's been 5 full days and I find that it's bearable but sometimes, I can't help but miss him a lot :(

3) I didn't celebrate merdeka in ANY way. Slept the whole day after a long night-out. Now I feel like a lousy good-for-nothing Malaysian citizen. I've definitely lost my social independence this time around. I can count how many times I've been out with my friends this semester and trust me, it doesn't even require me to lift my other hand in doing so.

4) I'm so proud of my sister, I know she's working hard and most importantly, trying her best and giving it her all. That's all that counts, Sarah.

5) I miss Bazaar ramadhan - I especially miss bubur lambuk and taufu fa - my puasa necessities.

6) I've got 3 mid-sem tests next week - Cost Management & MFI on Tuesday (yes, TWO papers in ONE day) and ACE on Thursday, which accounts for 20% and 30% of my overall assessment. I've studied quite a fair bit but there's still HEAPS more to go. Hope I do well in all three. Wish me well, people : )

7) I'm addicted to the tuscan olives + sundried tomatoes they sell at the deli section in safeway. I wish I had a backyard full of olives and tomatoes. I've also tried the char-grilled mushroom and grilled eggplants with herbs. Yes I know, I'm a sucker for antipastos.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kita mudah lupa

Guru Oh Guru

Berburu ke padang datar
Dapat rusa belang kaki
Berguru kepala ajar
Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Dialah pemberi paling setia
Tiap akar ilmu miliknya
Pelita dan lampu segala
Untuk manusia sebelum jadi dewasa.

Dialah ibu dialah bapa juga sahabat
Alur kesetiaan mengalirkan nasihat
Pemimpin yang ditauliahkan segala umat
Seribu tahun katanya menjadi hikmat.

Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa
Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta
Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara
Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia
Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara
Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka
Jika hari ini siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa;
Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa
Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca.

Di mana-mana dia berdiri di muka muridnya
Di sebuah sekolah mewah di Ibu Kota
Di bangunan tua sekolah Hulu Terengganu
Dia adalah guru mewakili seribu buku;
Semakin terpencil duduknya di ceruk desa
Semakin bererti tugasnya kepada negara.
Jadilah apa pun pada akhir kehidupanmu, guruku
Budi yang diapungkan di dulangi ilmu
Panggilan keramat "cikgu" kekal terpahat
Menjadi kenangan ke akhir hayat.

-Usman Awang, 1979

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not liking it so far

You know when your head is cluttered up with so many things yet you just find it hard to organize your thoughts and effectively communicate it?

Writer's block.


I am, first and foremost, unhappy with the way I've been leading my life, academic-wise. I feel so left behind in some certain departments, especially in terms of managing my time. I've been too caught up with the Olympics and maybe cramming 3 days of uni is not such a good idea after all? Yes, I think so. And to make things worse, I've got a back-to-back mid sem tests in approximately 2 weeks and I am, a bit....clueless (especially with MFI). So yes, there will be NO Merdeka celebrations for me this time. Certainly no clubbing, parties or any of the likes. I'm going to make a point to stay in the library after uni till night and get the work done cause I know there's a huge chance I won't be able to do it at home with all the distractions and all that.

Why is it that I'm not as efficient as last semester?

I really don't know. I don't think it's the case of contentment or taking things for granted. I mean, I do almost all my tute work and all that and I try to attend all lectures but I guess I'm finding the subjects this semester really, really hard. A senior of mine did say to us (us being me and my fellow 2nd year commerce comrades) that the 2nd semester in 2nd year would be the hardest part through out our whole course so I guess reality has really started to kick in right now.


I've got to really start thinking hard bout my near future. Having said that, I'm gonna have to fast for these remaining days before puasa starts again and as I've mentioned, start doing the extra work.

I want to be that nerd I thought I was last semester, and so I think it's best for me to stipulate some self-interest by saying goodbye for now.

Have a nice day, people and wish me luck! : )

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is reading - but silent conversation

"Lawyers, I suppose, were children once" - Charles Lamb

"You really never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

"Before I can live with other folks, I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience."

-Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird (1960)

I'm really glad that I read the book.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gosh, I still have another 6 days to fast before Ramadhan comes again.

6 days.

Should be easy peasy.

Yeah right!

In this cold weather (it's around 5 degrees right now), all I ever want to do is eat and just hibernate in my comfy blanket with a hot chocolate or teh susu in my hand. Haha. So, fasting will be a tough thing to do, but I don't really have a choice now, do I? =/

Anyways, I spent a good deal of time on my MFI tute work and I have to say that the second part of the tute questions were tough! I mean, I'm pretty sure I could've done it IF I did attend that particular 9AM thursday leture lol. So yes Nabila, you shouldn't miss any MFI lecture that has to do with freaking liquidity premium theory and expectations theory and heavy stuffs on loans and deposits. Serves me right. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure I can catch up especially after my tute discussion tomorrow morning. Hopefully : )

On a separate note, I'd like to profess my deep interest in the Olympics this year! Man did you see the basketball match between China & USA? I thoroughly enjoyed it! =) And of course, swimming - Libby Trickett was just awesome, along with the US relay team (Is it just me or is Michael Phelps really cocky?). I thought rowing and weightlifting (LOL) were also fun to watch. Basically, I can safely say that I'm addicted to it especially over the weekend but somehow, I've managed to cut down on the hours I spend watching it.

I'd love to write more, but I should stop. Gotta wake up for sahur tomorrow and make it to my 9 am class. Yes people, my Monday blues are actually on Tuesday =/

Friday, August 8, 2008

So far so good!

I had such as awesome time!!! Many thanks to Mieza and Sarah and of course, Johan and Shhoba (is this how you spell it lol) for spelling out the fun moments : ) I wish I could've made it to Mount Buller with you guys, but hey I ain't complaining : )

Hanging out with them made me realize how much I miss some of my friends. Friends which I've known for years - from the ones in primary school to some of my tkc friends to my kdu pals and childhood friends. Sticking with the same people here doesn't help much cause I get admittedly, tired and bored sometimes (no offense to the my friends here, I love you guys! But we're all probly sick of each other,no? Lol).

Anyways, went shopping today and here's what I spent on:

1) A brown leather wallet
2) A pair of black Dunlop Volley sneakers (like,finally!)
3) Shoes

Part of me regrets going out cause somehow, my inner shoe demons have seemed to resurface, and I have a funny feeling that they're gonna hang around for a really really long time. Currently, I'm saving up for a particular 2-tone lace-up saddle shoe pumps (though I've got a similar one but in another color). Oh,check out that dress (refer to pic) up there. I just wish I can get back into shape to be able to wear that. Wow what a scary thought now that I've mentioned =P

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Read while waiting project seems like an interesting one and one that is close to the heart. Count me in!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I miss home

I've never really been homesick since I got here in the true sense of the word. Usually it's more like a mellow feeling but now it's starting to kick in really hard. I'm thankful for having Daniel around though, at least he keeps my mind off things for a bit. But sometimes I wonder if I get even more homesick when I'm surrounded by him and his family.Lol.

I promised myself that I'm gonna start studying come 2nd week of uni.Basically, what that means is that I have only 2 days left to slack off and man it's hard to go back down the uni road again! But I'M GONNA DO IT regardless!!! (just getting into the spirit..lol) I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary.Haven't seen a handful of my friends yet plus it's friggin cold here so maybe that's also the reason why I get homesick. Not really an ideal backdrop after spending so much time in sweet KL with family and friends.Whatever it is, I'm positive that this emotional roller coaster ride will eventually go back to its normal pace, just patiently waiting in the mean time.

I'm kinda looking forward to tomorrow night's get-together at Tia's place, mostly cause it's been ages since all of us last had our poker game together and catch up on things. Plus I NEED to get Amir to fix my printer cause I can no longer afford to walk all the way to the library and pay a ridiculous amount of money just for printing.Not when I actually have a 300-something-dollar printer at home NOT IN USE. I hate not being able to print my lecture notes on time so yes Amir, I'm counting on you to end my misery pleasethankyou =)

I'm reading James Patterson's The 6th target at the moment. Nothing special, just thought I could kill time.Any recommendations,people? I'm looking for a rather humorous book, should stop reading mystery/depressing novels for now. Feel free to enlighten me on the details.

Anyway, did I mention that I was gonna look for a job? See, I have my Mondays and Fridays off so I'm thinking of working in an accounting firm doing internship on Fridays and proby do casual work every Monday. But I'm not very keen on doing waitressing again mainly because of the inflexible hours.I'd do it if I could get a job in the afternooon though,but definitely not at night.Whatever it is, I'm just gonna print out my resume and send it to 1) Borders 2) a few boutiques on Lygon St. 3) a few restaurants. Wish me luck!

It's almost midnight here,I guess I'll stop writing. I think I'm gonna vacuum my room in heels (call me shallow but i do it sometimes haha) and then continue reading my book while singing along to the songs in my itunes, and hopefully doze off =)

Have a good weekend, people!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks ayie for including me in this


"Managing the Malaysian economy in the face of global economic uncertainties"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something to talk about

Nabila told me that the blog needs some form of acknowledgement coming from me. Sadly its true. There's nothing much to blog about, really. Australs preparation and how tired I felt before that, Australs, Manila itself and the the very much hyped about apartment that rocks big time, ESL and not breaking in main category, catching up with classes in uni (yes, you can miss a lot in 1 week especially when you have 'highly philosophical classes!), adjusting with totally new subjects and feeling the need to read everything yet willpower is so low and hitting a makcik's car infront of CAC (makcik's car punya bumper kemek and myvi selamat with minimal scratches) and I think the cause of the accident was very much mutual, orang-orang UMNO minta DSAI voluntary give out his DNA (macam sangat bodoh when in 1998 he was charged with the same offence, takkan takde evidence time tu),  and of course, SHOPPING!!!! The mega sale is SO on..

A blog post needs to have a point and my point hereis that : I'M GRATEFUL. Really am grateful for my life and how it's turning out to be especially the juggle between others and studies. I'm grateful that I have a good support system and eventhough the BF department is still very much vacant, I think it's better to have one because He's the one rather than you have one because you really want one. No need to rush in things ryte? (I can sense myra is reading this part with a cynical look on her face and nabila is beaming with pride :) )

I ACTUALLY finished a book last week because I had trouble sleeping at night. The Kite Runner is a must have.

Lastly, you only have 1 week left in Malaysia and I really hope that I'm able to meet you at least twice this week. Can't believe how time flies..

First ever for the 'career'


Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

While the oil prices have sky-rocketed, the government is against the subsidy policy. Instead, they decide to increase oil prices and according to them, one of the aims is to reduce inflationary pressure. Yes,8% is a pretty hefty figure, after all. In the simplest economic theory, a rise in price (or alternatively, an increase in taxes but this is not the case) would reduce aggregate demand and as a result, would reduce inflation, in general. But what the government fail to realize is the fact that this inflation is not just a general increase in the prices of ONE good (which they seem to be focusing on oil), but it is the overall effect of an increase in the prices of goods/services and I guess we could also relate it to the spillover effect. What that means is simply the effect of the oil prices on other goods/services. For example, an increase in oil prices would mean that most airlines would increase their ticket price as well (evidently) and since their cost of servicing has also increased, thus customers are worse-off. And while some may argue that the public can switch to other alternative transportations, we must first look at the situation from a social standpoint: How effective and accommodating is our public transportations in Malaysia? Will the sudden increase in the demands of public transportation be met in the short-term now that the oil price is high at CURRENT time? They even have the fucking blue bas kilang which I thought was long gone for God's sake! And some of the KTM conditions are clear-cut examples of a third-world infrastructure. So,again, the public are the ones that are worse-off. So yes, the government CAN improve by spending on infrastructure development, which adds up to hundreds of millions (if not billions) more in the budget. I agree that whether or not because of the oil crisis, money is still needed in that sector anyway plus it is for long-term effect. I'm cool with that BUT what I'm not cool about is the fact that the government (ahem) policies do not counter the very core issue - that is, to ease the burden of its citizens. Although macro economic policies like increasing price to reduce inflation may seem like an effective short-term tool,the time taken for it to take effect is most likely to be longer than the rate at which the oil price fluctuates, or in most recent cases, increases. Thus, as Malaysian citizens who are made up of different classes which consist mostly of lower and middle class, subsidies can be a DIRECT form of relief in which the effects are certain in the sense that people actually pay less as opposed to waiting for the market to adjust itself. The danger of the market mechanism is that the equilibrium price may still be considered high even after market adjustments, and so subsidies may counter that problem and secondly, the time taken for the market to adjust is so subjective that people have no guess on how the market price will react after this .Hence, people want certainty - that's just human nature. For example, if you were a customer in a Nasi Lemak restaurant and the price of anchovies, for example, is so high (let's assume due to the water pollution hence less supply) and so many people have lodged complaints of the high price of the nasi lemak. As a customer, would you prefer if the authorities demand the restaurant owner to reduce its price or would you prefer to get money to compensate for the higher price? Personally, I would prefer the latter because getting the money ensures that you WILL have the means to pay for the yummy nasi lemak (though it also depends on how much is given) but waiting for the restaurant owner to adjust its new price would mean that you're not sure when is it going to be effective and how much will the new price be, IF agreed between the owner and authorities. It's kind of like that, I guess. People want some insurance or a guarantee, and subsidies fit the role. It's a matter of mentality, perceptions and considerations.

Maybe some people undermine the effect of subsidies because they don't think the oil price effects are THAT bad, at least not to them. Well, maybe it's because they don't fill in their own tanks, or maybe they just have too much money that they feel indifferent. Unfortunately, not all Malaysians I know are as privileged as you, Mr. Prime Minister.

Higher petrol prices means bigger bucks for the "country", so you say?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've finally met my perfect match.

I guess it's true what they say: good things DO come to those who wait.

Yes,people. I finally got the perfect white lace top that I've always wanted and I couldn't be happier : )

More of happy days ahead, I hope : )

Monday, July 14, 2008

My mouth is currently dysfunctional hence the writing

I am a bit pissed. My maid burnt a gorgeous new top I just bought the day before. Urghhh. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that I'm still recovering from the aftermath of the operation hence the silence response. If only she knew the words that were echoing in my mind at that time...I bet she must be pleased that I'm as helpless as I am right now, LOL.

Anyway, John's flight back to Melbourne is tonight, in fact any moment now. And as much as I don't want to return to Melbourne just yet, I suddenly miss my Daniel a lot =( And the fact that I still can't carry out a decent conversation properly due to my sore throat just makes it worse cause that simply means I can't talk to him over the phone yet plus I'm not a big fan of text messages.

I am currently just lazing around the house and getting as much rest as I could possibly get in hopes of recovering a.s.a.p so that I can enjoy life more the way I've been doing so for these past couple of weeks =) I haven't met up with the people I intend to meet up before I leave for Melbourne again and yes, that includes you pipon! But as always, it's quality over quantity right haha. Then again,it doesn't hurt to have both =) On a separate note, I'd LOVE to see my KDU pals especially Liyana and Xing Yi! God I miss them truck loads =( And I promise to myself that I will make a point to see you, Shima (don't think you're reading this, but anyway). And I'd love to catch up with my childhood friend who's in the States but now back in KL, Aza and some TKC friends especially Anat, Mizah and some others. These are the names of people I must see so hopefully, our paths will cross soon.

Ooooh did I mention that my exam results were out already? I must say I'm pretty happy with it, except for maybe OB =P I've put in a bit more effort this semester in the sense that I've started going for lectures,tutes and all that and I'm surprised with the outcome =) To sum it all up, I think I had a good dose of fun and a healthy dose of nerd-ish time so looks like life's pretty good and I'm liking it so far.

Anyway, I've got to run a few errands this week - appointment with the specialist, give my dad the book list, buy my usual eyeliner, find the friggin blusher (MAC/Bobbi Brown?), alter my pants, start brisk-walking with my mom again, bla bla. But what I'm really looking forward to is to shop and to get that white-lace top I just saw and probably get the same top that my maid just burnt,the shoes I've been eyeing over the weekend and a gorgeous long emerald green Greecian dress (I hope they still have it!) *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I'm thinking of enrolling in French or media journalism this coming semester but apparently, Melbourne Uni offers it only on first semesters. Grrrrrrreat. Just when I had the leverage to choose an elective subject, I'm now stuck with shitty options. By the look of things, I'm probably gonna wind up choosing a finance subject. I long for the days where students are not subjected to admin confinement.

Wow, I've written bits and pieces here and there huh. I guess this sorta thing happens when you can't use your mouth to effectively communicate your thoughts/feelings. I'll try to be more issue-specific the next time =)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Confessions of a bored citizen

I'm so sick and overtly disgusted with all the political filth that's going on here. And I'm not even here half the time all that shit's happening. Yeah sure, conspiracy and some dirt may be exciting for some certain people, but haven't they had enough?

I'm not supporting anyone in this case but you don't have to be a goddamn genius to tell that in the most obvious manner, the cards are not being dealt right. And the funniest thing is that how some of the lies spat out were downright stupid and degrading and what seems to me to be lacking of some intuitive professional judgements- an insult to the public's intellectual capacity! I know there are people like me who just can't be bothered to read or watch the news about the political tales that our so-called democratic country is currently facing . And I know there are people out there who are willing to go that extra mile to find the truth. And I hope they do but until that day, I'm happy to invest my time and brain cells on something other than what's reported in the papers right now.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The first 7 days

I'm actually blogging from the wireless which I never knew existed in my house. Must be the extended connection or something.

Anyway,this whole week has been so AWESOME for me! These past few days have been absolutely full and I like it that way. Had family gatherings 3 nights straight and my whole family (I think it was around the 20 of us) had Japanese food at Midori, JW Marriott for lunch today.Can't wait for next week though,my dad said he's taking us for Chinese in Lake Club. God I miss that place! Speaking of which I also miss my cousin Jasmin. And now that my favorite cousin's finally coming back from UK, I friggin can't believe that her flight to KL's on the SAME day I'm heading back to Melbourne! Whaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttt!?? That's the only blunder so far =(

Believe it or not, I haven't got a clue on what's going on around me in terms of the local news or events or even the movies on screen here in KL. Being a hopeless citizen doesn't help especially when I don't have my sister (who's usually the one who updates me on almost everything) with me right now. Thank God I've got my mom to do that. And thank God mom loves shopping too. Quite frankly, I prefer spending the day shopping with my mom (if not myself) than with other people.I guess I've always been that kind of person. I have fun choosing clothes for her, heading to the make-up shop and choosing the right lipstick color or picking out shoes and bags with her. We're both so into it so it's so much fun that I don't mind doing it everyday (And it helps when she's the one with the credit card) ;)

Apart from my life here, nothing new is going on except for maybe my operation this coming weekend. My appointment with the specialist is on friday and there's a hefty 99.99% chance that I'll have my tonsils removed come that weekend. And YES, I am freaking out but I try not to think about it and leave the worrying part on that day itself. =/ Hopefully everything goes well insyaAllah. Anyways,I wonder if they can preserve my tonsils? Perhaps put it in a jar or something.Haha, NOT the right question to be asking ey =P

Hurmm I wonder how my friends are doing back in Melbourne? I'm missing my usual gang but then again, most of them are coming back anyway so I'll just meet up with them here. I'll probly just give Liyana and Badd a call since they won't be coming back this time. Apart from that, I'm also missing Mr. Spaghetti Boy, as my uncle would call em =P It's good that I'm back, at least they get to take some time off from me hehe. I admit, I can be a pain in the arse sometimes =P

Okay, I better stop writing now because in an hour,I'll be busy cheering for my baby Casillas to make a save though I don't even support Spain ;) I'm rooting for Germany to win but at the same time, I hate Lehman so I really don't give a crack whoever the winner is. May the best team win (then again we all know it's partly about luck).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's good to be back!

Thank God for Malaysian food,Astro and my house!

1) The amount of food I've been stuffing up since I got back is alarmingly scary.
2) I think it will be Germany and Russia(not that I care if it were Russia/Spain) in the finals.I would've loved to see Netherlands play against the Germans though.
3) If there's one thing I've learnt from the EUFA cup,it's that European guys are painfully painfully gorgeous!I've got a crush on this one particular Croatian player (his name is yet to be known but hey,I'll google him or something)
4) Cik Afifah has a debate tourney next week so good luck,pips! :) Debate has (yet again) interfered with our plans.Haihhh.
5) I plan to do absofuckinglutely nothing this holiday.Aaaaaahh...the luxury of free time.
6) I'm gonna spend a lot of my time catching up on sleep and money on books and movie tickets. I have been deprived of good entertainment due to the inevitable course of nature (exams).
7) I'm craving for ramly burger,putu mayam,nasi kerabu,cendol and roti canai with kari kepala ikan.oooooh,and pakeeza's naan and cheese spinach and also kopitiam.
8) I surprisingly don't miss Melbourne too much which was what I was hoping for so it's all good. I miss the weather though!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A cold but sunny day.

I think my Macbook needs a major make-over seeing how bad it is at the moment.

Anyway,ONE more paper to go and then i'm DONE for this semester, hopefully.

Just finished my IFA paper (and that's International Financial Accounting for those of you wondering) and boy was consolidation on minority interest darn hard! :( Other than that, I thought business finance and OB were both very do-able so hopefully, it's all good *fingers crossed*

On a lighter note, I'll be going back to good old KL this sunday! :) It's always good to be home. I'm just stoked to be back, I miss my family way too much and I just can't wait to bum around the house doing absolutely nothing and of course, get all the sleep I want. And probably start driving...lol.

And can someone please remind me to buy as many pirated dvds as I can? (Yes I know, I'm one of those people..lol) I've been deprived of good entertainment, I'm even embarrassed to say that I haven't watched iron man.Hah! Anyways, has anyone watched "Across the universe"? I wanna watch that, wonder if it's out in KL?

Anyway, there's a major stock clearance here and I can't wait to hit the stores right after my last paper this thursday. I'm in a generous mood of buying some gifts for some people lol :)

Ok,people. Will write more later when I have the time. Have a good day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I love my baby

I am the proud owner of this wonderful Macbook for 6 months (thanks to SC of course), and sad to say that it had only been recent am I able to utilize the functions of this wonderful and extraordinary machine. Thanks to the very simple tutorials and guided tour,  Mac OS X Leopard can now go on full blast! When I first started using it, I only relied on words of wisdom from Nabila and Mika to get me through. Thanks guys. Contrary to popular beliefs, Mac is not complicated, it's just complicated because it's not Windows.

I'm loving the widget and dashboards - it keeps me updated, Spaces - it keeps me organized in doing my work, Adium - where my Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo messengers are under one roof, Time Machine - no worries of backup files (tho I haven't got a backup drive yet due to the tight financial constraint) and yesterday, I stopped using Mozilla Firefox and am in the process of permanently converting to Safari - the speed is a 'bit' faster. I'm planning to explore more of the applications through the tutorials online, once Australs in Ateneo, Manila is over...

Now, all I need now is my own personal digital camera to make my day :) . Peer pressure has gotten into me since everyone around is carrying a shiny new digital camera.

[Last line needs to be considered again and again due to financial constraints and the sudden increase in petrol that will DEFINITELY affect the lives and pockets of yours truly]

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ezanee, I'm back!!

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

I love this poem and never failed to be awed by the simplicity, honesty and greatness of it. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of some hint of greatness and inspiration especially at times where time passes on so quickly that it's really hard to keep track on what's going in your life.

Here's a celebration to new and old friendships ; there's a lot of If's in life, and friendship is one of the few things that's very much certain. For friendship is the one that has been carrying me around these past few months...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love Ronald

That's it,people.

I'm officially addicted to McD, more than I've ever been in my entire life! I mean, it's incredibly majestic how I've yet to discover any shop that makes better fries than theirs. I've been splurging a hell lot on food lately, and half of it goes into the funds of these franchises, lol.

I'm def having another triple cheeseburger, large fries and their barbeque sauce this weekend (but seriously,0.50 AUD cents for a small packet of bbq sauce? geeeez.)

Anyway, my finals are in more or less 3 weeks so I thought I'd be using my lock-yourself-up-in-your-room-and-study,study,study plan, but I'm glad I've settled on a rather more enlightening (and voluntary) approach instead: spend a good couple of hours in the library. I'm happy with the latter, and if I keep it up, I hope things will turn out for the better.

Gosh I think I've been listening to too much of feist's "one evening" & clap your hands and say yeah!'s "in this home on ice", haha totally opposite songs! but really, i need a change of tunes,speaking of which I also can't wait for a change of scenery. Yes people, I shall be going back to KL (yet again) on the 24th june, insyaAllah. Flying back with daddy dearest since he'll be visiting me here some time during my exam and we'll be going back together after that. Can't wait to see my dad =)

Back to the topic of change, I REALLY can't wait to go back this time. I haven't planned anything and I don't plan to because all I really want is to just spend time with my whole family especially my dear sister,my brother and my lovely parents, and of course, the family gatherings and all that. Gosh I'm suddenly missing everyone back home! My grandma(s), my cousins, aunts & uncles. Basically,EVERYONE! Love them. *OK,now i want to grab the first flight home* =( Oh wait, I almost totally forgot about my operation haha. Now THAT'S something I'm NOT looking forward to.

Anyway, it's been so long since I've touched a book other than Deegan's International Financial Accounting or Peirson's Business Finance =P Recommendations, anyone? I'm ready to invest in books again.

Funny how I'm just staring blankly at the empty fillet-o-fish box while typing and hoping that someone would give me seconds or thirds,LOL. I really have to start jogging but heck, it's almost friggin winter here so there goes my plan. Then again, a few friends invited me over to play futsal at Albert park this friday, Can't promise but will def consider.At least I get to shed some kilos off should I decide to go.

Okey dokey, that's it from me.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned

I can think of 100 reasons why I'm such a bad person.

Everyday, I have to live with that guilt.

It breaks my heart to think that I'm not being honest at all. And to think that honesty should come first, I feel worse. I feel like I'm digging my own grave and that all it takes is a little shove for me to fall in that hellhole I've created.

Why can't I reciprocate the same way? I'm just too selfish, and I think only for no one but myself. I don't mean to play around with his feelings, but that's how things are at the moment. I have a tendency to think that the ball is always at my court even though I know it isn't. And even if it is, it won't take long before the ball shifts to the opposite end.

On one hand, you try to do the right thing by ending it cause you know you're gonna save the frustration of prolonging the problem. On the other hand, you tell yourself the timing isn't right, but who am I kidding?

The timing is almost never wrong but I never seem to make it right.

I end up hurting not just him, but myself and also others too,and the problem seems to get bigger and bigger by the day. It's so much complicated, and harder than I think it is.

Some people say love is knowing when to let go,so I guess I don't love you enough to let you go. And the worst part is, I wish it stays this way forever. . .

Friday, May 2, 2008


Abg. Hairi, Jamming session dah habis but now I'm left with being emo je tak tentu pasal. Less emo songs next time perhaps?

Nabila, I miss you la. There's so many things I want to tell you now. And most probably the stuffs I want to tell you are stuffs that you already know or have heard coming from me since the first time you've heard me speak but I could never find the same comfort in anyone else but you.

Faiz and Nabilah Ulfah, we are definitely cool.

Pjat, thanks teman I stay up!! (just hope the pak guards tak kacau)

It's 3.08 am and I might not be feeling the same way about all this tomorrow. Good night!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love the acoustic version!

Cocorosie's "By your side".

Cocorosie's "Terrible Angels"

Friday, April 25, 2008

I just realized that I don't have much to blog about these days.

And that, I find, pretty weird or shall I say unusual.

That aside, everything else in my life is pretty much the same.

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry at this point. I've just finished 4 mid-semester tests and assignments, all of which were in less than 2 weeks! I'm telling you, I deserve to have the greatest weekend ever for putting up with all those shit and surprisingly, am still very much alive.

Wow...How did I do that,again? ;P

Anyways, the very first thing I'm going to do tomorrow morning (that is assuming that I stick to the plan) is to do my laundry then it's Venom (it's a small boutique near where I live) for me. I've spotted a simple yet gorgeous black lace top which I've always wanted and now I'm just a few hours away from getting - no, WEARING it! =) No words can best describe how happy I am (although my bank statements would beg to differ) but hey,a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do =P

Other than that, I'll just spend a significant amount of time just being domestic - you know...groceries,cooking,vacuuming the house,cleaning my room and all that. And after I feel better after having to do all that, I'll definitely do some accounting work and catch up on past lectures. Will I go out with the boyfriend tomorrow night? Hope so! It's been so long since we actually went out on a dinner date or anything, I really miss those moments. You know what I really want? To really dress up, perhaps wear that black top with my 4-inch ankle boots and pull my hair back and put some make-up on and have a nice dinner or supper with Daniel.Argggghhhh,it's so hard when your bf's actually working 6 days a week =( Oh well - life.

Yikesss,it's almost 3 am here in Melbourne,should be sleeping right now.

It's gonna be a long day tomorrow...

Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate it when guys cave in to their problems, and to make things worse, when they don't tell you what's on their mind.

Or maybe it's just him.

I mean, what do you make out of that? Are you expected to just naturally understand or pretend to, or is none expected of you?

You try to be understanding and all that, but the lack of information isn't helping.

And so you get more upset, but you don't want to let him know cause you think it's best to save him from unnecessary burden. Your girlfriends think so too.

Yeah,it's all good.

But then,shitty days happen and we all don't like shitty days, especially me. Because on shitty days, my mood turns ugly and shitty too.

And to prove my point, I blabbered something really really hurtful and snapped at him when it wasn't really his fault.

Oh my, the guilt!

A shitty day then turns to more shitty days, thanks to myself.

And so he stopped calling,or texting for awhile - it seems forever!

You try to make up for it, but he's too hurt to even bother talking to you.

You just want to let him know that you didn't mean any of it, and that YES IT WAS MY FAULT, and that you're sorry and that you love him so much.

You try,again and again and again,more than your 10 fingers can count. Still no response.

You end up feeling miserable during the predicament. You miss his company, you miss his voice , his touch, his laugh, and just HIM.

I got a taste of my own medicine,all right.

And now thank God everything's back to normal (except for the caving in part but hey,I can live with that).

At times like these, you start to really realize just how much he means to you.

You just can't wait for Thursday to end so you can spend time with him again =)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bila saya rajin, akan saya update...

Abg. Syazwan and his cool designs. Afifah finally holding the champions cheque. Yes, sad thing.

Dear friends,

I'm sorry I couldn't post up pictures now or reports of interschool like what have been requested. I was carrying the camera with me the whole time but was caught up in the whole business of coordinating the event. So, I'm waiting from some people to send their pics to me and after that I'll gather them and post it.

On a separate note, I'm really happy with the team I have for this coming AUDC. It might be one that is out of my comfort-zone but I'm glad that it's one of my closest friends and one of my best partner during one of the leagues. I just hope the chemistry now translates back to the team.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Throw that record away

Statistically,there is strong evidence to show that my life is moving at an upward accelerating rate,m'afraid not by my own choice.

Hence, I can no longer afford to meddle with trivial stuff which I so often used to (and while trivial may be a subjective word, what I mean by it includes dwelling upon everyday emotional encounters with the people and surrounding i.e. the bf (sometimes), the crowded tram, the ever-changing weather, the ridiculous amount of workload and perpetual mid-sem tests, my health problem, just to name a few..)

If you ask me, my life is currently being dictated by a superior force called UNI. And although under normal circumstances, I would normally curse my fate, I think it's about time to take full responsibility of my own life. The weird thing is, I think I secretly find this kind of life amusing, ha ha. I mean, I've possibly been the worst impulsive slacker there is, so shifting my focus to being quite the opposite is just as hard as throwing your favorite old record away or watching your favorite pair of shoes get bitten by a stray dog. Yeah, that's it.

My point is; it's hard making these changes but heck, do I really have a choice?


And that, ladies & gents, made all the difference.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's times like this that I miss Nabila and Tia

I was unable to get out of bed this morning. After a few days of a runny nose, the ultimate cold is here. I just hope I'll be ok enough tomorrow . I feel bad leaving Zamir alone to call up the judges that is so desperately needed (we have 89 teams this year people! so you can do the maths of how many judges are needed!), I feel bad towards Izat and the other PC committee members pasal selalu tinggalkan mereka buat backdrop and banners, susun-susun meja for dinner. I'm trying to do the best with my situation by sending up some articles to RATIO, the official bulletin this time around. Mah, Nabilah and Faiz is putting a lot of effort in it so do pray that it will turn out great.

I'm always impressed with our BM debaters, the work and commitment they put into organizing this tournament is awesome. You don't know how many challenges they're facing - especially financially. Thus, let's hope and pray that this interschool will be an pretty awesome one like the others!

I hope the girls will do well this time around. The last time we broke was back then in 2005.

p/s: Atif, I'll be sure to post up pictures of the tournament here. Mau request any specific pics pun boleh!

3 years ago..

Yeah, we like taking pictures with our adjudicators back then

Fareez dulu.

Tia yang best! Nabila 3rd speaker selalu duduk hujung, tu lah pasal tak nampak :). Hye Irving.

I have a feeling that Ezanee was judging this.

Ayap and Anati macam adik-beradik. Anati will be debating this year!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


You want to settle down, let’s not go there
I’m still young, let’s play fair

Yes, it might be faraway
But we still have to think about it someday

You make me tell all the story
But this time, I’ll let my silence do the talking

I just want to listen
And this time, I promise I’ll be quiet

Can you tell me all your observations?
Cause I just had my best conversation

Please don’t tell me I need a reason
You’re with me..

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's sad.Heart-wrenching.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

of being emo selalu

Love is blind, it makes people go stupid, it makes people sacrifice themselves, it makes people lose their identity and who they are, it makes people be who they're not supposed to be (and I point this out in a negative mode). Tapi, please lah...

How can you live with only love? How long can you remain blind and see that things are not as perfect as you think or potray it to be. Can't you see that you're turning for the worse? I heard love is supposed to make a person be a better person, but it's different with you. 10 years from now, is love itself enough to sustain a relationship?

If this is love - I don't want to be anywhere near it. Yeah, I said it and all of you can say how miserable and cruel I am.

[I can't believe that there still exist some good malay telemovie left on tv, just watched one at rtm2 and I like everything about it except the actress. Actually, she acted quite well for me to really dislike her, and yes, it relates to the above.]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

There's always two sides of a story Geert! part 1

For it is not up to me, but to Muslims themselves to tear up the hateful verses from the Al-Quran

Muslims wants you to make way for Islam, but Islam does not make way for you

The Government insists that you respect Islam, but Islam has no respect for you

Islam wants to rule, submit and seeks to destroy our Western Civilization

In 1945, Nazism was defeated In Europe

In 1989, communism was defeated in Europe

Now, the Islamic ideology has to be defeated

Stop Islamisation

Defend our freedom

some lines from "fitna"(hahaha, no wonder why it's called fitna!)

I have to say that at first I was furious when I watched it. I don't even know whether it's permissible for me to watch it knowing that it's something that insults the very reason for my existence. On the spirit of this blog which is to "let the world think what the want", the only thing I have to say for now is that, yes, people should be allowed to have their freedom of opinion, but please.. your opinion must be based on something that you know, something that you know is based upon something that's concrete and not based upon your limited knowledge( or should I say zero knowledge). For you to say that "Islam is a retarded culture, and the Koran is the very reason for that" is being totally ignorant of the nature of man. In my opinion, even if you might find my religion a retarded one, I would say what happens right now, all the cruelty that you say is happening is not due to the following of practising the teachings of the Al-Quran, it's due to NOT following it. Culture and religion should be distinguished. Yes, a religion may influence culture but does the religion condone that part of the culture that you say is being propagated by the religion?

The movie was bad. Really bad. But if you ask me, the main reason why the movie was so bad is not on the 'insulting muslims part' but it's the called nit-picking. Taking some verses, translating it literally, connects it to some cruel events that even most Muslims would never tolerate, and then generally labels the whole religion and it's teaching as that. Assuming that it's the very purpose of that religion.

If there's one thing I learned, is that the Al-Quran should never be interpreted independently without the other verses. Ok, I shall put up the other verses when I get back from IIU.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The one with the unfinished Contracts revision

Siapa nak ikut sekali? I know it's corny but jom lah!! Since Celine Dion's tour price range is way above what I can afford, why not this? :) Maybe I can treat Mama to this instead but I doubt she'll be jumping out of her seat hearing this. Alan Menken's music is one of my best childhood friends, it would be interesting to revisit it.

Mama told me yesterday that May might be another interesting month for Malaysian politics. It is rumoured and I couldn't again stress, rumoured DSAI has 50 people from the national front willing to join him and if my calculation serves me right, that's enough for the opposition to form a new government with him as the PM. I have no idea whether this is even permitted by the law or how this is even possible but then again, it is a rumour.

Let's see..

And the worst part is when you can't do anything about it

I wish some things were different
Where you and I were more similar in other ways
Yet different is the reason why I like you so much

This whole religion thing’s not the problem for now, but then who am I kidding? Of course it matters. The fact that it matters is the reason why I wish some things were different.

I hate goodbyes

I hate goodbyes

I MISS MISS MISS my mommy :(

Friday, March 28, 2008

The one with the future uncertainties!


Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me

I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe her now

Somewhere in her smile she knows
That I don't need no other lover
Something in her style that shows me

Don't want to leave her now
You know I believe her now

You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know, I don't know
You stick around now it may show
I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way she knows
And all I have to do is think of her
Something in the things she shows me

Don't want to leave her now
You know I believe her now

From one of the group that successfully stands through the test of time and apparently this is most played song in afifah's ipod right now after If I Fell and With You.

Anyway, my dermatologist used to say (back when I was 13ish and even in my pre-adult-teen-years) that when you get older, you won't face breakouts anymore or even if they do come, they only come once in a while because it's all due to the instability of hormones when you're a teenager. Oh how wrong they were!

I'm 20 years old and am still facing the same problem. Today, I had this sinking feeling it will never go away. And it's a sad sad realization.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A perfect stranger

I wish that we had met each other at a different circumstance
Like in a restaurant when I am dining with someone else

We’d brush shoulder against each other for a second
And just when you start to come nearer, I’d beckon’

You say sorry, I stare and you glance back
But then I turn and walk away and leave it like that

Because if you ever did ask for my name or ask me out for dinner
I wouldn’t know if I could ever say no for an answer.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The one with the irregular postings

Nabilah told me the other day that 'Once you've reached 20, turning 30 will be in a blank of an eye'. It does sounds right eventho it's been only a day.

For the 1st time in my life, I really feel like an adult and it's not a bad thing.

[Final exams will start next Friday till the 5th of April. Wish me luck! I need all the luck this time.]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I really like Organisational Behaviour.
And I don't mind accounting at all.Hope it's not too early (or late) to say that.
I am,however,indifferent about Business Finance or Quantitative Methods2. I mean,sure I don't hate the subjects but they don't exactly give me a sense of happiness either so there you go..
My point is,I can see myself working harder for this semester,which I suppose would be a good thing.I mean,I really don't have a choice now that it's my second year and possibly THE most crucial time ever,academic-wise.

On a personal level,I honestly have no idea where I stand.Oh shit,does sound bad, doesn't it? Lol.I am inept or perhaps just ignorant (to be exact) at letting myself, or other people know about my whereabouts (apart from the fact that I am confused with myself,needless to say). Let's just say that I'm in my comfort zone - whether it's my relationship,my weight,academics or as far as my financial prowess is concerned. I know I've got to kick it up a notch, but sometimes life is just bearably dull for me to argue or take notice. All I need is a better wheather (it's fucking 38-40 degrees here!), a good day at the gym and a nice dose of dark chocolate to boost my endorphine level.Then I should be fine :)

Anyways,it's Easter holiday nest week and I'm counting the days before I get to see my mom - less than a week,woohoo! I miss her. It'll be interesting to see how we'll spend our time together cause usually it's us and the whole family so yes,I'm looking forward to it! I haven't planned much plus I don't plan to jinx it but basically,what I have in mind so far is Great Ocean Road (fingers crossed) and the rest would probably be the normal shopping,touring around the city and eating out - all expenses paid courtesy of mommy dearest :) Hope you'll have a safe journey,mom.

Oh God,it's almost friggin midnight here and I am somewhere in the secluded area of the comp lab right now due to the (unsurprisingly) spastic internet problem at my place. Bleurghhh. Will post something soon. Enjoy the upcoming weekend :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For a change

Bumped into a friend in Melbourne Central just as I was helping myself to the original glaze doughnuts I bought in Krispy Kreme minutes before. Well... more like a friend of a friend but I think it's safe to say that we're friends now all right =)

Anyway,I offered her some in which she graciously accepted one. The next thing I know, I was having the best conversation I had in about a week or so.

As much as I was hoping to avoid the topic though, it came up anyway.

Here we go. Not again.

I mean, telling it is no biggie but having people question my choice was another thing.

"Oh my god,FINALLY," she said with a cheerful smile.

I shot a (hopefully) honest smile back, and grin sheepishly.

"Tell me about it. How did it happen, who is it and all that."

Honestly, I hate explaining those kind of things - what more for the umpteenth time but I did my best to answer in a brief few minutes.

We then spoke for a further 20 minutes or so and you know what?

I'm really glad that I bumped into her and for the conversation itself.

Very liberating.

Sometimes it's easier (and perhaps healthier) to have a conversation with a stranger (well,she obviously wasn't one but you know what I mean) than to have it with someone really close to you. I don't know...I think the objectivity helps,and the fact that they don't know you too well makes it more enlightening and less judgemental from both mine and her part. It's always interesting to a get a fresh new perspective and it amuses me how things intertwined - turned out we both were on the same wavelength and on the same boat (wherever that is...LOL) =p

Friday, February 29, 2008

You try to stay cool and you tell yourself that everything will be fine. Sometimes, you're good at it and other times, you're not.

I've learnt so many things from myself and from other people - first is that sometimes, you're better off not talking to some certain people because some things are better dealt differently, or left unsaid. In all honesty, as much as you try to make amends or make up for some certain things, things aren't always gonna be the same and so you'd have to learn to accept that things have changed and there's really nothing you can do but to move on. Experience with a family member of mine and a friend tells me that.

Sometimes, you're gonna hear things you don't like and you have a choice on how to take it. I've always been the oblivious type of person who'd rather not face the reality because it's just something I choose to avoid dealing with but as of now, I think I'm starting to move to the opposite direction. Going there.

Don't expect things to be the same as they were when you're with someone short enough, because it will never be. And expect things to be the way they are when you're with someone long enough because more often than not, they always are. I think I've said enough on this one.

People are just wired differently hence it's okay to not be friends with everyone. Really, you don't have to.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

# Mission 1

If there's one thing I can thank the Swedes for, it must be IKEA!

Got there around 3-ish and I first stopped by at an indian restaurant for some mouth-watering dishes (which,for the record,only cost 7.90 for a considerably huge portion)Then me and my fellow IKEA-worshipping buyers i.e. Liyana and Anna (Molly) spent some good 2 hours there and these are some of the stuffs I managed to get:

1)A maroon-reddish quilt cover set with a matching bedsheet.
2)2 sets of plain wooden picture frame.
3)A clock for my living room.
4)Compartmentalised shoe rack that comes in a set (white)
5)A zig-zag mirror
6)Compartment box
7)A notice board

Which amounted to $120 in total. I guess it's not that bad considering the fact that I make a point to shop there only once in a year.

In a few minutes, I shall head home (in the comp lab right now) after a (hopefully) short trip to Borders and start doing my laundry which has been piling up on my table and start re-decorating my room. Which will be a theme of red and white, I think. Oh yeah, can't wait!!!

I'll post some pics as soon as my mission's accomplished.

Have a good weekend, people! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not just because it's Val's Day

To that person who cares for me so much, to that person who’s incredibly patient with me, to that person who calls me without needing a reason, to that person who makes me feel beautiful not just on the outside but inside too, to that person who holds my hands whenever they get cold, to that person who puts up with my mood swings and insecurities, to that person who would still send me home even at 4 am, to that person who treats me like how I want to be treated, to that person who knows I don’t drink and never makes me, who knows we can still have fun without having to get stoned, drunk or naked. To that person who can make me laugh so hard without even trying, to that person who gets my jokes without having me to explain it, to that person who makes me blush and turn red, to that person who’s so full of life, to that person who sees the good even when it’s ugly, to that person who keeps me in touch with the realities of life, to that person who would send me all the way to class in the morning, to that person who would drive me around at night, to that person who TRIES really hard to stay awake just because I want to watch a movie (even though I know he’s half asleep..lol), to that person who knows all my favorite chocolates and food, to that person who tells me he prefers me without my make up on, to that person who simplifies my otherwise complex thoughts, to that person who makes me want to become a better person, to that person who’s open about his thoughts and honest about his past, to that person who complements me in many ways….

I'm glad I can say I love you, not just because it's Val's day :)