Saturday, August 2, 2008

I miss home

I've never really been homesick since I got here in the true sense of the word. Usually it's more like a mellow feeling but now it's starting to kick in really hard. I'm thankful for having Daniel around though, at least he keeps my mind off things for a bit. But sometimes I wonder if I get even more homesick when I'm surrounded by him and his family.Lol.

I promised myself that I'm gonna start studying come 2nd week of uni.Basically, what that means is that I have only 2 days left to slack off and man it's hard to go back down the uni road again! But I'M GONNA DO IT regardless!!! (just getting into the I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary.Haven't seen a handful of my friends yet plus it's friggin cold here so maybe that's also the reason why I get homesick. Not really an ideal backdrop after spending so much time in sweet KL with family and friends.Whatever it is, I'm positive that this emotional roller coaster ride will eventually go back to its normal pace, just patiently waiting in the mean time.

I'm kinda looking forward to tomorrow night's get-together at Tia's place, mostly cause it's been ages since all of us last had our poker game together and catch up on things. Plus I NEED to get Amir to fix my printer cause I can no longer afford to walk all the way to the library and pay a ridiculous amount of money just for printing.Not when I actually have a 300-something-dollar printer at home NOT IN USE. I hate not being able to print my lecture notes on time so yes Amir, I'm counting on you to end my misery pleasethankyou =)

I'm reading James Patterson's The 6th target at the moment. Nothing special, just thought I could kill time.Any recommendations,people? I'm looking for a rather humorous book, should stop reading mystery/depressing novels for now. Feel free to enlighten me on the details.

Anyway, did I mention that I was gonna look for a job? See, I have my Mondays and Fridays off so I'm thinking of working in an accounting firm doing internship on Fridays and proby do casual work every Monday. But I'm not very keen on doing waitressing again mainly because of the inflexible hours.I'd do it if I could get a job in the afternooon though,but definitely not at night.Whatever it is, I'm just gonna print out my resume and send it to 1) Borders 2) a few boutiques on Lygon St. 3) a few restaurants. Wish me luck!

It's almost midnight here,I guess I'll stop writing. I think I'm gonna vacuum my room in heels (call me shallow but i do it sometimes haha) and then continue reading my book while singing along to the songs in my itunes, and hopefully doze off =)

Have a good weekend, people!


syafiq n said...

owh, so your back in melb...pls help me get those ppl to keep in touch counting on you!!! =)

Afifah said...

Cari kerja.. cari kerja