Friday, May 29, 2009

Hoping it's the dog's day.

For a person who has gone through exam stress for at least 7 years repeatedly (excluding primary school, of course), what's another exam, right?


Well, one would think that it gets better with time, but really, it doesn't.

Apart from the typical pre-exam habits like binge eating on comfort food and being sleep-deprived, and the occasional pre-exam zits and hideous eye bags that could probably scare little kids away - it's not exactly the same.

Not when your future job interviews (which is pretty much your future.period.) depend on this upcoming exam, to a large extent. And especially not when you have to compete with not only your fellow colleagues, but with possibly thousands of other locals here who all probably have more or less the same results on job applications.

You see, it's no longer about cruising through your uni life, or letting yourself get away with not scoring in your exams. This time, it's game on. And you sure as hell hope that at this rate, you're playing the cards right.

After all, you don't get lucky every day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sexy boys

Listening to: 'Sexy Boy' by Air

Sexy boy, sexy boy ...

Où sont tes héros aux corps d'athlètes
Où sont tes idoles mal rasées, bien habillées

Sexy boy, sexy boy ...

Dans leurs yeux des dollars
Dans leurs sourires des diamants
Moi aussi un jour je serai beau comme un Dieu

Sexy boy, sexy boy ...

Apollon deux mille zéro défaut vingt et un ans
C'est l'homme ideal charme au masculin

Sexy boy, sexy boy ...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mon temps

The biggest loser (American version) is on air again! Yipee dee doo daa :)

Hopefully that will help boost my gym spirit and kick it up a notch.What happened to *ehem* getting a hot bod by summer,hmmm Nabila?

I missed those moments when I worked my ass off with the cardio machines and then feel great and healthy after.A lot of the contestants hate Gillian but I'd love to have her as my trainer.There's nothing like having a number one bitch screaming at you whilst having her watch you sweat your ass off! - if anything,it'll only motivate me more, especially when you strive to shed the kilos off and hope to have a body like hers.It's as close as you can get to materializing your dream.

Anyway,I wonder if any of the tv producers would consider doing a show on,instead of losing weight and all that, about dealing with the procrastinator in you? I swear I'd be fit to join that!But I guess I'm not as bad as I used to be, credits for that.And it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for my everyday organizer.Seriously,who knew planning your day could be so much fun? ;) Sheesh, I'm starting to sound all goody-goody.

While I'm at it, reminds me that I've got heaps to do for tomorrow:

1) Attend investment consultation
2) Doctor's appointment @ 3pm
3) French revision for test the next day
4) Go to the bank

And yes,you guessed right...gym! That is,if I get to squeeze it in between all that.

Adios people.

Long live organizers!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A short vent

My guilty conscience is ringing a bell in my head, telling me that blogging at this time (1.30am Melbourne time) is a no-no, especially when you have exams in about 2 weeks and have plenty to study still.

Clearly, it's not working.

Anyway,I just feel like venting - about how I wished I had focus more in investment lectures or went for the tutes.Urghh.Now I have to multiply my effort by a hundred times.I'm revising this topic on bond pricing and I find yield to maturity and zero rates quite confusing especially when you have 80 slides in ONE lecture =/ God help me please.

Other than that,I am perfectly aware of how unsettled my life is right now.I should start simplifying things and get more organized.And it should start with doing the laundry (cause I'm slowly running out of clothes to wear and I hate rotating my clothes all too often) and grocery shopping since I've got zilch food in my fridge, which causes frustration and unnecessary stress like now by yours truly.

And you thought I would've learned my lesson by now....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye autumn!

The wind is sweeping the autumn leaves away, dropping hints that winter is just another few 15'C-days away.

And I am, admittedly, one of those happy people. Yes, it's my favorite time of the year in Melbourne.

I appreciate the time where people would ditch their Havaianas in favor of their winter boots, leather shoes or newly-bought sneakers. I love to see the occasional splashes of bright colors amongst the mass of black,grey and beige winter coats, and how smartly dressed people are in winter - the knits, the skinny jeans, the woolen tights and leggings, the leather jacket (although this is getting too overrated, mind you), the scarves and hats, cardigans and so forth.I smile at the idea of putting pieces together. I love all that.

And for now, I am IN LOVE with this look:

Something utterly right about the way she puts the pieces together: the pants are nicely understated yet so appropriate for winter. And the shoes and the oversized-scarf paired with the baggy jacket just make me want to beg her to sell those pieces to me on e-Bay! Simple, comfortable yet so classy. I love it.

All I need is a cup of hot chocolate, a book and a comfortable blanket with my socks and favorite pjs on. Nothing beats that.

Now I have a reason not to go out : )

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

C'est la vie!

I've been meaning to write but haven't had that much chance with assignments that never cease.

And to think that I've exams in less than a month is just plain scary. I haven't had the chance to actually start studying cause my life is really all about assignments atm and the amount of workload I have is too overwhelming sometimes.

Buy hey, it's my final one said it was easy so i suppose I just have to suck it all in =/

I'm envious of my friends who have finished their exams since my head is kinda elsewhere amidst all the bullcrap workload that I have...that's cause I truly miss home. (Hah! - there, I've said and meant it!) I can't wait to go back this July (even though it's for less than 2 weeks) - I feel like there's a lot to look forward to this time. I can't wait to see my uncle who's recovering from chemo right now, to hang out with my cousins who are back for their summer break from the UK, to spend time with my darling sister (who's gonna start college soon!!!), the road trip, the family gatherings, to shop in Zara with my mom and sister (yes people, they don't have Zara here in Australia), to get my new kittens, eat all my favorite food and just be around all the things I missed having around me.

t's as if you picture yourself close to the finishing line and so you might as well just give it your all. I guess it makes everything easier just thinking of it. Makes missing Daniel who's in freaking Bangkok bearable. Makes the thoughts of exam acceptable, you know?

On a lighter note, I'm very very tempted to watch Gomorrah (it's a mafia movie directed by SCORSESE baby!) which will be out here tomorrow. It's a blessing in disguise that I'm flat broke - at least I won't be spending money on movies. But seriously, I just wanna get it out of my system, you know? Well, I'll probably end up watching it as soon as I'm financially sound LOL.

Anyway, I'm gonna get back to studying french, have a 20% oral test tomorrow. Wish me luck!

A bientot, tout le monde!