Friday, August 8, 2008

So far so good!

I had such as awesome time!!! Many thanks to Mieza and Sarah and of course, Johan and Shhoba (is this how you spell it lol) for spelling out the fun moments : ) I wish I could've made it to Mount Buller with you guys, but hey I ain't complaining : )

Hanging out with them made me realize how much I miss some of my friends. Friends which I've known for years - from the ones in primary school to some of my tkc friends to my kdu pals and childhood friends. Sticking with the same people here doesn't help much cause I get admittedly, tired and bored sometimes (no offense to the my friends here, I love you guys! But we're all probly sick of each other,no? Lol).

Anyways, went shopping today and here's what I spent on:

1) A brown leather wallet
2) A pair of black Dunlop Volley sneakers (like,finally!)
3) Shoes

Part of me regrets going out cause somehow, my inner shoe demons have seemed to resurface, and I have a funny feeling that they're gonna hang around for a really really long time. Currently, I'm saving up for a particular 2-tone lace-up saddle shoe pumps (though I've got a similar one but in another color). Oh,check out that dress (refer to pic) up there. I just wish I can get back into shape to be able to wear that. Wow what a scary thought now that I've mentioned =P


sarara said...

BABE!!! i wanna see the volleys mann. like miezah one ke u bought the gold onee? post pictures please :)

IM SOO GLAD i met up with u, it was heaps of fun i tell you.

missing you already.


nabila said...

Babe! I couldn't find the gold one, we tried looking for it all over the place! So I bought the black Dunlop (with the silver rims) instead & i love it! I'm gonna buy in all colors - especially the blue-white Dunlop. Classic!

Looks like our next outing would be in December, I hope *fingers crossed* =)


sarara said...

OMG! that sound soo hot lahh. im so gonna make my sister buy one for me. haha.

yes darling, i'll be waiting in december. then we can have a shopping spree here. whee!