Sunday, April 12, 2009


I never had a superhero. The way a kid look up to Captain America or Superman. I wish I felt that way about Spiderman, but I never did. Even if I did, the feeling doesn't last long enough. Once X-Men is shown on TV, I kept moving between Gambit and Cyclops. I never idolized Wonder Women or any female superheroes for that matter, I still don't understand how you can go on fighting crime with wearing that teeny - bit of cloth on your body without getting you sliced up by the bad guys. That's why I like Jubilee and even Storm (notice the liking for X-Men characters?). I know I respect Billy the Blue Ranger as not only he's a Power Ranger, but he's smart! Did I mention I also adore Sailor Mercury from Sailormoon and wish that they would put more emphasize on her character but then again, I don't want to be anyone of them.

I never had idols or role models except the Prophet p.b.u.h, and I believe that history and what we can see up till now , there's no such leader that is wise as him, who can influence the world like him and yet still manage to maintain the respect of both his followers, enemies and those who knew him.

Yet I never had a someone that I look up to, that I want to be like that is still living! It all changed when I was in high school. I can't remember the exact time - it maybe when I was in f3 or even f5. All I can safely say here is that there was this dude that started from scratch, continues to hold on to his passion - despite what people say, and the result is now res ipsa loquitor. Many people come and go but there's no one that fascinates me more than him. It feels exciting just by reading on how he progresses through his career. It maybe due to the kind of passion that I have in life and how it's quite the same with what he's doing, or he's just one of those few people that has the power of inspiring others to achieve greatness.

I believe that he's the closest thing to Superman for me now - even when he never actually rescues anyone. And I couldn't be more happy to have a chat with him today, finally. Yes people... I feel like a kid who just met Superman or his favourite hero for the 1st time and I very much like this feeling, this feeling of being inspired.

I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything else in the world! Not even an iPhone.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ain't no sunshine... when there's the final exams

Random thoughts and happenings (following Nabila's precedence)

1. Kris Allen's version of Ain't No Sunshine is very haunting. It carried me throughout the whole 3 hours and 5 minutes (minus the 10 minutes for being late, TERLUPA statute! I couldn't be more cacat than this). He's going to be the next Jason Mraz and if he can have original songs as haunting as that, it's def. a CD worth buying.

2. More of Idol. Yes, I'm a huge fan of this show, it's another one of those guilty pleasures I have.. people just can't get enough of seeing nobody turning into a somebody. I'm so excited that David Archuleta is coming here and thanks to Zaimah (for the digi contest she entered), I'll be there to hear him live dengan suara so-matured-for-his-age-nye LIVE! [we don't have Coldplay, Duffy, Alicia Keys or John Mayer here so this kid will do :) ]

3. The opposition won both 'Bukit's. Batang Ai is still with BN. It's not a shocker, the opposition has always find it hard to penetrate Sabah and Sarawak. What is important is that it shows the fact that Nizar's back and I think this is only solidifying the fact that Perak needs an election, fast!

4. I have yet to finish the term-limit on US presidency paper that Fareez wants and somehow, having a tough paper on Thursday is not helping.

5. I'm just a little too not over you - practising the lines for Archie's song. Haha. We even need a session to interpret the definition of the title.

6. FACEBOOK STALKING ain't cool. It's a term now, according to

7. Magistrates are not allowed to have a blog, or even Facebook profiles. I'm not so sure whether this applies to the whole judiciary or not. Bummer.

8. The Maxis iPhone advertisement is driving everyone crazy. "You are a student, so you have to spend like one" but that's a little bit complicated when you get older. As you tend to be more picky in the food you eat, it's the same thing as cravings for gadget. I know I'm not making sense but since when do I make sense?

9. Accutane (yes, I'm on drugs just not the kind of drugs you wish for) is doing me wonders after a terrible 2 months walking around while Temoh asked whether I have bad sunburn on my face but I think I'm more depressed than usual, my mood is like a yo-yo and I eat more than what I should. Yes, I do blame the drug and not myself.

10. I'm not choosy it's just that I haven't found the right person. You cannot gamble on a relationship and treat it like another selipar toilet jepun. You have to treat it like a pair of Clarks shoes, the price is high and tha's why you need to treat it good, and it treats you good in return. Eventhough it's all worned out, you still love it because it's been there for you through the good and bad times. If it causes you problem, you try to find your way around it. You just don't throw it out. Relationship = Commitment. If you can't commit, don't be in one. I know I'm bad with analogies :).

11. HELP!