Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's good to be back!

Thank God for Malaysian food,Astro and my house!

1) The amount of food I've been stuffing up since I got back is alarmingly scary.
2) I think it will be Germany and Russia(not that I care if it were Russia/Spain) in the finals.I would've loved to see Netherlands play against the Germans though.
3) If there's one thing I've learnt from the EUFA cup,it's that European guys are painfully painfully gorgeous!I've got a crush on this one particular Croatian player (his name is yet to be known but hey,I'll google him or something)
4) Cik Afifah has a debate tourney next week so good luck,pips! :) Debate has (yet again) interfered with our plans.Haihhh.
5) I plan to do absofuckinglutely nothing this holiday.Aaaaaahh...the luxury of free time.
6) I'm gonna spend a lot of my time catching up on sleep and money on books and movie tickets. I have been deprived of good entertainment due to the inevitable course of nature (exams).
7) I'm craving for ramly burger,putu mayam,nasi kerabu,cendol and roti canai with kari kepala ikan.oooooh,and pakeeza's naan and cheese spinach and also kopitiam.
8) I surprisingly don't miss Melbourne too much which was what I was hoping for so it's all good. I miss the weather though!


enchantress said...

Welcome back HOT ONE.


fiqss said...

please do NOT support the germans. they dont deserve it. heh. have u googled up that 'particular croatian player' yet? haha =p