Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy ramadhan

1) I've got so many things that I'd like to add and improvise in this blog yet I am, unfortunately, technologically-challenged in every sense of the word. Does the thought count, though? :P

2) I can be totally self-absorbed for 4 whole days and then lose it the next second. I was so engrossed in my work that I completely didn't think about Daniel and now I'm missing him like a fat boy misses his treats on a strict diet regime. I've made a point only to see him occasionally throughout Ramadhan and by that, I mean just dropping by at the restaurant to say hello. It's been 5 full days and I find that it's bearable but sometimes, I can't help but miss him a lot :(

3) I didn't celebrate merdeka in ANY way. Slept the whole day after a long night-out. Now I feel like a lousy good-for-nothing Malaysian citizen. I've definitely lost my social independence this time around. I can count how many times I've been out with my friends this semester and trust me, it doesn't even require me to lift my other hand in doing so.

4) I'm so proud of my sister, I know she's working hard and most importantly, trying her best and giving it her all. That's all that counts, Sarah.

5) I miss Bazaar ramadhan - I especially miss bubur lambuk and taufu fa - my puasa necessities.

6) I've got 3 mid-sem tests next week - Cost Management & MFI on Tuesday (yes, TWO papers in ONE day) and ACE on Thursday, which accounts for 20% and 30% of my overall assessment. I've studied quite a fair bit but there's still HEAPS more to go. Hope I do well in all three. Wish me well, people : )

7) I'm addicted to the tuscan olives + sundried tomatoes they sell at the deli section in safeway. I wish I had a backyard full of olives and tomatoes. I've also tried the char-grilled mushroom and grilled eggplants with herbs. Yes I know, I'm a sucker for antipastos.


syafiq n said...

owh, so daniel it is :D

Afifah said...

I totally agree with the part that we need to revamp our blog.. and we seriously need to change some layouts but I'm no expert in this.

Kawan, masukkanlah juga facevook badge!

Selamat berpuasa and bazaar ramadhan is a blessing indeed

Didy said...

pan,ive linked your site at mine k.