Saturday, November 1, 2008


My finals are coming up in about a week.

Yes, I am currently in the self-absorbed/obsessive mode where I think, eat and breathe Corporate Law and MFI. I wished it had come sooner than this but it's never too late right.

I hope this obsession stays till my exam. I need this sorta momentum going.

And NO, I will NOT drop any of my finance subjects just because some of my friends are doing it hence I will still stick to my old plan of majoring in both accounting & finance cause I love finance. Plus it's good to have finance to balance out the technical and boring aspects of accounting. The calculations and theory in finance can at least keep me sane and entertained for the whole one year plus that I have left.

Et pour votre information, je vais etudiante le langue de francais, encore! Je suis tres heureux! : )

Anyway, wish me luck in my exam! I'll be needing your prayers : )

Have a good night everyone



Afifah said...

I just finished my criminal law papers tadi and it was fun yet painful!! You're taking corporate law ahead of me :).

And good for you for not dropping the subjects. Good luck and good night.

nabila said...

I'm scared of the timing for Corp Law. Wonder how you law students manage to incorporate hefty facts in like such a short time (in my case, 3 hours but for a 7 LAW questions? I think it's super short LOL) I guess it's totally about time management huh.

Anyways, GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST to you too babe! : ) Muah

Afifah said...

Yup babe, 3 hours plus 15 minutes reading time! Sumpah it's physically and mentally tiring.. memang putus tangan juga.. Kalah all ur eng essays ;p.

I think I'm still working on my time management after all this time.. Semoga dapat grad with 1st class. That's priceless..

syafiq n said...

oit, gud luck...mache kerek!

Irving said...

Bonne chance mon amie! =)

nabila said...

Thanks guys! I REALLY need it this time.

Syafiq: OMG...ME? kerek? no wayyyyy =P

Irv: Thanks. Hope everything's good up there! : ) Are you coming back to Malaysia on christmas hols?

enchantress said...

Pan darling, you'll definitely KICK ASS as usual!!


Anyways, you and Feefs dah stop baca my blog babes??


nabila said...

Abir: Babe! I've been trying to but you dint add me in your personal list so i can't get hold of it still : (