Sunday, June 29, 2008

The first 7 days

I'm actually blogging from the wireless which I never knew existed in my house. Must be the extended connection or something.

Anyway,this whole week has been so AWESOME for me! These past few days have been absolutely full and I like it that way. Had family gatherings 3 nights straight and my whole family (I think it was around the 20 of us) had Japanese food at Midori, JW Marriott for lunch today.Can't wait for next week though,my dad said he's taking us for Chinese in Lake Club. God I miss that place! Speaking of which I also miss my cousin Jasmin. And now that my favorite cousin's finally coming back from UK, I friggin can't believe that her flight to KL's on the SAME day I'm heading back to Melbourne! Whaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttt!?? That's the only blunder so far =(

Believe it or not, I haven't got a clue on what's going on around me in terms of the local news or events or even the movies on screen here in KL. Being a hopeless citizen doesn't help especially when I don't have my sister (who's usually the one who updates me on almost everything) with me right now. Thank God I've got my mom to do that. And thank God mom loves shopping too. Quite frankly, I prefer spending the day shopping with my mom (if not myself) than with other people.I guess I've always been that kind of person. I have fun choosing clothes for her, heading to the make-up shop and choosing the right lipstick color or picking out shoes and bags with her. We're both so into it so it's so much fun that I don't mind doing it everyday (And it helps when she's the one with the credit card) ;)

Apart from my life here, nothing new is going on except for maybe my operation this coming weekend. My appointment with the specialist is on friday and there's a hefty 99.99% chance that I'll have my tonsils removed come that weekend. And YES, I am freaking out but I try not to think about it and leave the worrying part on that day itself. =/ Hopefully everything goes well insyaAllah. Anyways,I wonder if they can preserve my tonsils? Perhaps put it in a jar or something.Haha, NOT the right question to be asking ey =P

Hurmm I wonder how my friends are doing back in Melbourne? I'm missing my usual gang but then again, most of them are coming back anyway so I'll just meet up with them here. I'll probly just give Liyana and Badd a call since they won't be coming back this time. Apart from that, I'm also missing Mr. Spaghetti Boy, as my uncle would call em =P It's good that I'm back, at least they get to take some time off from me hehe. I admit, I can be a pain in the arse sometimes =P

Okay, I better stop writing now because in an hour,I'll be busy cheering for my baby Casillas to make a save though I don't even support Spain ;) I'm rooting for Germany to win but at the same time, I hate Lehman so I really don't give a crack whoever the winner is. May the best team win (then again we all know it's partly about luck).


HRH Fiza said...

you're getting your tonsils removed? whoa. I always wonder why they do that (so why?) hehe

anyway waawaaawa G lost against S :(

have fun! and good luck with the operation babe!

Afifah said...

tak boleh teman u kat hospital.. hehehe