Monday, June 16, 2008

A cold but sunny day.

I think my Macbook needs a major make-over seeing how bad it is at the moment.

Anyway,ONE more paper to go and then i'm DONE for this semester, hopefully.

Just finished my IFA paper (and that's International Financial Accounting for those of you wondering) and boy was consolidation on minority interest darn hard! :( Other than that, I thought business finance and OB were both very do-able so hopefully, it's all good *fingers crossed*

On a lighter note, I'll be going back to good old KL this sunday! :) It's always good to be home. I'm just stoked to be back, I miss my family way too much and I just can't wait to bum around the house doing absolutely nothing and of course, get all the sleep I want. And probably start

And can someone please remind me to buy as many pirated dvds as I can? (Yes I know, I'm one of those I've been deprived of good entertainment, I'm even embarrassed to say that I haven't watched iron man.Hah! Anyways, has anyone watched "Across the universe"? I wanna watch that, wonder if it's out in KL?

Anyway, there's a major stock clearance here and I can't wait to hit the stores right after my last paper this thursday. I'm in a generous mood of buying some gifts for some people lol :)

Ok,people. Will write more later when I have the time. Have a good day!

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Afifah said...

consolidation on minority interest?