Friday, February 29, 2008

You try to stay cool and you tell yourself that everything will be fine. Sometimes, you're good at it and other times, you're not.

I've learnt so many things from myself and from other people - first is that sometimes, you're better off not talking to some certain people because some things are better dealt differently, or left unsaid. In all honesty, as much as you try to make amends or make up for some certain things, things aren't always gonna be the same and so you'd have to learn to accept that things have changed and there's really nothing you can do but to move on. Experience with a family member of mine and a friend tells me that.

Sometimes, you're gonna hear things you don't like and you have a choice on how to take it. I've always been the oblivious type of person who'd rather not face the reality because it's just something I choose to avoid dealing with but as of now, I think I'm starting to move to the opposite direction. Going there.

Don't expect things to be the same as they were when you're with someone short enough, because it will never be. And expect things to be the way they are when you're with someone long enough because more often than not, they always are. I think I've said enough on this one.

People are just wired differently hence it's okay to not be friends with everyone. Really, you don't have to.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

# Mission 1

If there's one thing I can thank the Swedes for, it must be IKEA!

Got there around 3-ish and I first stopped by at an indian restaurant for some mouth-watering dishes (which,for the record,only cost 7.90 for a considerably huge portion)Then me and my fellow IKEA-worshipping buyers i.e. Liyana and Anna (Molly) spent some good 2 hours there and these are some of the stuffs I managed to get:

1)A maroon-reddish quilt cover set with a matching bedsheet.
2)2 sets of plain wooden picture frame.
3)A clock for my living room.
4)Compartmentalised shoe rack that comes in a set (white)
5)A zig-zag mirror
6)Compartment box
7)A notice board

Which amounted to $120 in total. I guess it's not that bad considering the fact that I make a point to shop there only once in a year.

In a few minutes, I shall head home (in the comp lab right now) after a (hopefully) short trip to Borders and start doing my laundry which has been piling up on my table and start re-decorating my room. Which will be a theme of red and white, I think. Oh yeah, can't wait!!!

I'll post some pics as soon as my mission's accomplished.

Have a good weekend, people! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not just because it's Val's Day

To that person who cares for me so much, to that person who’s incredibly patient with me, to that person who calls me without needing a reason, to that person who makes me feel beautiful not just on the outside but inside too, to that person who holds my hands whenever they get cold, to that person who puts up with my mood swings and insecurities, to that person who would still send me home even at 4 am, to that person who treats me like how I want to be treated, to that person who knows I don’t drink and never makes me, who knows we can still have fun without having to get stoned, drunk or naked. To that person who can make me laugh so hard without even trying, to that person who gets my jokes without having me to explain it, to that person who makes me blush and turn red, to that person who’s so full of life, to that person who sees the good even when it’s ugly, to that person who keeps me in touch with the realities of life, to that person who would send me all the way to class in the morning, to that person who would drive me around at night, to that person who TRIES really hard to stay awake just because I want to watch a movie (even though I know he’s half, to that person who knows all my favorite chocolates and food, to that person who tells me he prefers me without my make up on, to that person who simplifies my otherwise complex thoughts, to that person who makes me want to become a better person, to that person who’s open about his thoughts and honest about his past, to that person who complements me in many ways….

I'm glad I can say I love you, not just because it's Val's day :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Juno is an honest movie and I love it very much. [now I understand what's the hype all about]

The soundtrack's nice too. The songs are very simple and sweet.

Currently I'm digging into 'All I want is You' and 'Anyone else but you' from the soundtrack.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

"This is my first torture"

I havent' been blogging for a longtime and I blame it on the fact that I was too lazy too put my thoughts here. Hey, with the election season's here, adik shalinie still yet to be found, 2 papers in one week and my lately-so-constant-craving-for-food-and-switchfoot. So, I'm just going to blog on the freshest thing on my mind right now and that is a movie I watched last night - RENDITION.

Most of you would have heard what's the movie about. If you don't then it's basically a story about an Egyptian-American who have been 'taken' away from DC airport for 'CIA-style interrogation 'and the events leading to it and of course, how the wife tried so hard to find out what happened to him and how the new kid in the block finds out that not everything is perfect and black and white in the real world.

I think everyone did a good job in this movie especially Meryl Streep. Bravo for her coldness. The scariest thing about Streep's character is her conviction she knows what she is doing is right. She never doubts it. For a minute. So when she is confronted by the man's wife, Isabella (Witherspoon), she calmly and coolly tells the young mother that she is sorry for the woman's trouble, but she knows nothing. She manages to almost convince us and we know differently. At one point I feel like slapping her whenever she uses the 'national security' excuse.

Here's the part where I don't like about the movie - How they potray Islam and the biasness they have towards that potrayal. Unlike Peter Berg's The Kingdom which I really enjoyed and appreciate because the fact that he tried to show that there's more than just one side of the story. There's more to Islam than blowing off people(which I must say is never part of the religion and I would never tolerate people using religion as an excuse for that), it's also about submission-which Rendition shows it in the part that submission refers to wiping off the 'apostates and infidels'.

Here's what I like the movie : that the US is a hypocritical government and one that condones torture(hey,it's ok if we do it elsewhere, just not here). It's painful to see how a strong man can break down after a series of torture. How 'they' don't want the correct information but only 'information', as long as they get to blame it on someone.

Here are some of the interesting quotes :

"Honey, this is nasty business. There are upwards of 7,000 people in central London alive tonight, because of information that we elicited just this way. So maybe you can put your head on your pillow and feel proud for saving one man while 7,000 perish, but I got grandkids in London, so I'm glad I'm doing this job... and you're not.

And what if Anwar El-Ibrahami is your grandkid?"

"Why don't you ask your boss how badly he really does want to stick his neck out for a terrorist.

Well, he might for due process. Maybe I should have a copy of the Constitution sent to your office.

"In all the years you've been doing this, how often can you say that we've produced truly legitimate intelligence? Once? Twice? Ten times? Give me a statistic; give me a number. Give me a pie chart, I love pie charts. Anything, anything that outweighs the fact that if you torture one person you create ten, a hundred, a thousand new enemies."

For your information, the name of the Egyptian-American is Anwar El-Ibrahimi. This I just have to mention. It's up to you to create the links.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but for now...

I'm loving every second of it! =)

Have SO many updates. I'll promise to do just that once I put my busy life on hold.

On another note, Happy Chinese Year New, everyone! May the year of rat bring us all happiness =)