Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm not feeling too well today and Royal's will start tomorrow. Yikes. I'll promise to blog on Royals, whatever the outcome is, as I have this gut feeling that this would be my last Royals!

ps: Semua dijemput hadir!


syafiq n said...

knpe this will be your last??

good luck moyang!

n get well soon!

Anonymous said...

bleah i'm a few days late, but good luck good luck!

i can't wait to rope me up in a local tournament bila balik msia nanti, siyes =)

Irving said...

I just want to point out that I never knew there was an Arabic debate program in Royals. I think that's cool.

enchantress said...

Feefs....I debated on "The House Believes That The British Empire Was Good For The World" the other day. I think I sucked. The other day I debated on nuclear weapon with them guys who has the knowledge of nuclear weapons at the back of their hands and what do I know about it? Felt really shallow minded. Need to read more. Need your help. You shall be my debating consultant. Lol! It's been a while since I last debated. But thank god am getting the hang of it. One thing is that their accent here is very daunting, at least to me, it is. Aihhh. Well, anyways, next week's debate is about tv licensing, sth like that. Wish me luck!

*weeps for pity*

enchantress said...

and and I mean, COME ON, let's be global minded! These people always focus more on the Brits than spanning the scope wider. So when they start coming up with facts about the Brits, I'd be left shut out cos I have very very little knowledge on the Brits and their welfare (economy, politics and as such). See how shallow minded I am? Urgh...must read up more on these Brits. Aih. Help Feefs, HELP. Talking about the US also sometimes is futile.

syafiq n said...

mane post on royals nye??

congrats moyang!!!

Lodd said...

Haha. Dah menang royals (Royals Champion - Junior Category) terus senyap.

C'mon Afifah. Give your fans what they want!! When are you giving me your autograph? *wink*

Irving said...

Mane Royals postnye Afifah? Aku dah macam a fan with a syndrome of cicak kepanasan tunggu ko nyer new album, wahahaha!

Puteri said...

People, basically she menang the junior category dengan cemerlangnya.

Enough said.