Friday, May 2, 2008


Abg. Hairi, Jamming session dah habis but now I'm left with being emo je tak tentu pasal. Less emo songs next time perhaps?

Nabila, I miss you la. There's so many things I want to tell you now. And most probably the stuffs I want to tell you are stuffs that you already know or have heard coming from me since the first time you've heard me speak but I could never find the same comfort in anyone else but you.

Faiz and Nabilah Ulfah, we are definitely cool.

Pjat, thanks teman I stay up!! (just hope the pak guards tak kacau)

It's 3.08 am and I might not be feeling the same way about all this tomorrow. Good night!


nabila said...

It's cool how we never let the distance thing get to us. It's cool how I can blurt out your name without thinking when people ask me who my bestie is. It's cool how although we hardly talk as much as before, we KNOW that at the end of the day,we could count on each other. It's cool how things CAN be like that between us. Miss you,buddy!

HRH Fiza said...

I could never find the same comfort in anyone else but you.


Ezanee said...

Hi Afifah. Wanna catch a movie? Let's go! Invite the others, whoever they are.

Afifah said...


June nanti I visit u at your apartment k?

Afifah pun boleh berpuitis :)