Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something to talk about

Nabila told me that the blog needs some form of acknowledgement coming from me. Sadly its true. There's nothing much to blog about, really. Australs preparation and how tired I felt before that, Australs, Manila itself and the the very much hyped about apartment that rocks big time, ESL and not breaking in main category, catching up with classes in uni (yes, you can miss a lot in 1 week especially when you have 'highly philosophical classes!), adjusting with totally new subjects and feeling the need to read everything yet willpower is so low and hitting a makcik's car infront of CAC (makcik's car punya bumper kemek and myvi selamat with minimal scratches) and I think the cause of the accident was very much mutual, orang-orang UMNO minta DSAI voluntary give out his DNA (macam sangat bodoh when in 1998 he was charged with the same offence, takkan takde evidence time tu),  and of course, SHOPPING!!!! The mega sale is SO on..

A blog post needs to have a point and my point hereis that : I'M GRATEFUL. Really am grateful for my life and how it's turning out to be especially the juggle between others and studies. I'm grateful that I have a good support system and eventhough the BF department is still very much vacant, I think it's better to have one because He's the one rather than you have one because you really want one. No need to rush in things ryte? (I can sense myra is reading this part with a cynical look on her face and nabila is beaming with pride :) )

I ACTUALLY finished a book last week because I had trouble sleeping at night. The Kite Runner is a must have.

Lastly, you only have 1 week left in Malaysia and I really hope that I'm able to meet you at least twice this week. Can't believe how time flies..

First ever for the 'career'



syafiq n said...

"BF department?" ade org nak masok minang dah ke??

nway, congrats for the 1st of many!!! =)

nabila said...

At last,ada la jgk some sort of acknowledgment ; )
Babe,I'm really hoping you can make it this Wed! Love love xxx

hadiquizzikal said...

ended my career trophy-less. gile ah, baru promoted terus menang. superstar habis. guess i know better than showing my face around campus anymore.

fiqss said...

(I can sense myra is reading this part with a cynical look on her face and nabila is beaming with pride :) )

(and i am giggling =p )

Andrew Loh said...

wow congrats!