Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nothing in particular

I've given up trying to find a maxi dress.

Everything that I've been eyeing either isn't maxi enough i.e. a tad too short, or caters only for those with "too small" or "too big" a bust.

I'm starting to feel like they have something against me. Or maybe it's just the 20 or so shops that I've been to. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I managed to buy this gorgeous emerald green summer dress from ishka this evening and I'm really happy with it! Considering the weather in Melbourne is still very much in the winter-cum-spring zone, I think I'd give it another month or so before I can wear it. I guess the beach would have to wait.

Anyways, can't believe September is almost over now and October's on its way - gosh it'll be such a hectic month and by that, I mean raya celebrations, the Seminar Pembangunan Ihsan (something like that) with Dr. Mahathir (yup,the big old man's coming to town) then there's Malam Gemilang on the 12th Oct which will be on the same day my aunt's visiting me (especially looking forward to this). Then of course there's my birthday on the 19th (I'm afraid I'm not gonna be all modest about it...LOL) then there's also exam preps and whatnots. I hope it'll be a good month ahead! Amin to that.

Oooh did I mention that I'm on a 2-week break right now? One word: HEAVEN. Just what I need after a not much sought-after first half of the semester. But I suppose I cant complain much cause so far things aren't that bad, academic-wise. I got a H1 for my cost management mid-sem test (yeay) but on the other hand, sucked badly in ACE (Accounting for Corporate Entities). So bad that I thought I was gonna fail the test so I'm really thankful that I didn't! But that's not an excuse for my shitty result so I really have to start putting more effort into ACE.

Anyways, I've got so many things that are bugging me right now. My mind is in such a mess and not in its best state yet since these last few days. In fact, I'm quite surprised at how NORMAL I seem to be blogging. I do not and will not mention it here but I'm thankful to have this blog as a leverage for me to vent out some stuffs that people consider to be so trivial yet so significant and important to me (like the maxi dress that doesn't fit me, for example). That's the only way I know on how to help me deal with a bad day - writing. It helps me focus on other parts of my life and the more trivial it is, the more I tend to take things around me lightly and with a sense of humor. Maybe that's why I'm a sucker for stupid sites like or online shopping like e-bay or (girls, you HAVE to check out the shoes!!!! It's bloody nice and filthy cheap). It helps me shift my attention from the problems that I have, even if it's temporary. It works for me...

Hrmphhh I'm sleepy as ever sleepy that I can't type right. Heh.

Will update some other time. Until then, later!

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