Friday, April 11, 2008

Throw that record away

Statistically,there is strong evidence to show that my life is moving at an upward accelerating rate,m'afraid not by my own choice.

Hence, I can no longer afford to meddle with trivial stuff which I so often used to (and while trivial may be a subjective word, what I mean by it includes dwelling upon everyday emotional encounters with the people and surrounding i.e. the bf (sometimes), the crowded tram, the ever-changing weather, the ridiculous amount of workload and perpetual mid-sem tests, my health problem, just to name a few..)

If you ask me, my life is currently being dictated by a superior force called UNI. And although under normal circumstances, I would normally curse my fate, I think it's about time to take full responsibility of my own life. The weird thing is, I think I secretly find this kind of life amusing, ha ha. I mean, I've possibly been the worst impulsive slacker there is, so shifting my focus to being quite the opposite is just as hard as throwing your favorite old record away or watching your favorite pair of shoes get bitten by a stray dog. Yeah, that's it.

My point is; it's hard making these changes but heck, do I really have a choice?


And that, ladies & gents, made all the difference.

1 comment:

Afifah said...

How time flies.. next year you'll be in your final year while I might have 2 years of studies left.

Do take care of your health. Send my regards to the bf.