Tuesday, January 22, 2008

randomness: updated

1) I'd love to write a book/drama.I've got the storyline but can't seem to put everything in words since there's only so much you can think of,but little to write. Joint-venture,anyone? :)
2) If David Duchovney hits on anything that moves, I'm more of a person who's into anything that feeds my massive eating appetite i.e .FOOD. I've never starved myself and I don't think I can ever afford to do that because food temptation is just something I can't handle.
3) My secret dream job is to be a travel/food journalist,along the lines of what Asha Gill or Anthony Bourdain are doing,more or less.I mean,getting paid to travel, eat & talk - stuffs that i'm really good at and more importantly, don't mind doing. That's just awesome.
4) I used to dream of marrying a chef. Funny how I'm dating one right now.
5) I admit that I hardly have any trouble striking a conversation with anyone, but I'd much rather have only my close companions around me (not that I'm complaining).
6) I get bored with something/someone very,very easily. Which explains why I hang on to something that I really like for a reasonably long time. That's because I feel like it's hard to come across something that will really interest me.
7) I listen to very few songs, over and over again until I get sick of it. I got sick of Snowden after listening to just 342 times. Currently in Tegan and Sara mode - 6225 replays so far.
8) Politics, among other things, interest me and I embrace the value of democracy but I don't think I'll ever vote.
9) Barely 9 months ago, I swear I didn't even know how to properly peel or slice an onion, or operate the washing machine. Now I can safely say that (almost) all domestic chores are no longer alien to me.
10) I can't read maps and most manuals. And those closest to me would know that I'm definetely not a computer or camera enthusiast and that I'm technologically-challenged (most probably by choice..lol)
11) I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion! Especially addicted to shoes and handbags.
12) I believe in the fundamental values of socialism (in the economic sense) but I also believe in the mechanism of capitalism. I'm a mixture of both.
13) I know I've said this but I'm gonna repeat myself again: I want that vintage ankle boots I saw last week (not disclosing the price for fear of being permanently depressed for the entire week..lol) and a violet-red hair (i can put the mohawk on hold)

I'm tired.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Quarters :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Marry me?

Baghdatis, Baghdatis,
Won't you give me a kiss?
I'll kiss you back
No doubt about that

I spend my nights just staring at you
With that focus I give when I look at a shoe
That tingling sensation starts to fill me up
So Baghdatis baby, won't you please help me out?

Come to my apartment
I'll cook you a meal
You should know I don't normally do this
But for you baby, I will!

Even though I don't know how to cook
I'll still open a book
Perhaps I'll bake you a tart
Just to steal away your heart

We're 3 years apart
How's that for a start?
We both share the same passion
Which is tennis (if not fashion)

Bring me to Cyprus
And then, marry me
We could then change diapers
And start a family

So Baghdatis, Baghdatis
Won't you give me a kiss?
I'll kiss you back
Have I not mention that?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another reason to be happy

JM has a blog!!! (despite the 1st post on him defending Jessica Simpson). His new song 'Say' just makes you feel like letting it all out.

I think this blog needs more creative input in 'design'. I'm sorry Nabila! You know I'm bad at this.

This week has been a 'crazy' week and so will next week. Wish me luck.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

You have 2 choices; either you do it or you don't.

Some things are hard to like simply because of the lack of the interest or ignorance, like reading the map or forcing yourself to like physics. Other things are, although hard to like, made easy such as smoking. And then there’s the thing you CAN do but don't bother to like wrapping a christmas present, for example.

As I mentioned, some things are hard to like but that doesn’t mean that it’s stopping you from getting what you want. In my case, it was physics. I hated physics to a point where I didn’t really study the subject but thankfully somehow still got the results I needed. Does that make me any better than a person who has worked their butt off for it but didn’t manage to pull it off in the end? Of course not. Personally, I didn’t feel like I deserve it any more than them. But what I know is that it makes me feel grateful for what I’ve been given and it acts as a constant reminder of how generous God is to us. And that it doesn’t happen everyday.

And then there’s the second issue of the things that are hard to like but still made easy anyway and I’ve given the example of smoking. Don’t get me wrong. I am indiscriminative towards people who smoke as I myself love the smell of tobacco (especially when it’s combined with the right perfume or aftershave…Aaaaaaaaahhh, talk about ‘smelling’ sexy). I have a bunch of friends who are regular smokers – some of which you can really tell from the beginning and others who seem to be doing it under the radar and kept you guessing for a minute. Perhaps driven by the oh-so-cliché notion of teenage angst/rebel and knowing myself, I found no other way to feed my curiosity other than to experiment with it myself only to find out my first attempt would most likely be my last one. So far, it has. For one thing, I couldn’t stand the smoke at all and my mild asthmatic problem could also explain it. And I know this sounds close to stupidity (if not the real thing), but I think I’m too vain to smoke because of the ‘general presumption’ of having yellow teeth, bad breath and uglier lip color. Hehe. And the idea of having the smoke crawl into my lungs and into my body cells is kind of creepy for me – I’ve always imagined it as some evil cartoon character that eats you alive in the end (I feel the same with excessive oil in food consumption, especially in most Malay weddings where people serve nasi MINYAK with the gravy or the chicken kurma my school used to serve. I’m telling you it’s bloody freaky). Okay, I admit I over-imagine things and take things too far sometimes. Nonetheless, I think it’s a blessing in disguise that I am what I am – it brings me out a lot of trouble. But that’s not my point, really.

The question is why do people, like you and I, still do things that contradict good conscience, or is contrary to what we believe, despite acknowledging that it’s not the right thing to do? We all do it, but in different ways. I know a few people who smoke by choice but unfortunately, I know more of those who don’t even like smoking but still do it because of external factors like trying to fit in the crowd, peer pressure or to distress themselves. And of course comes the other everyday elements that we humans have to deal with which differ according to individuals. More often than not though, we end up giving excuses and are in denial to admit what we did was wrong hence we continue doing it over and over again until it becomes a vicious cycle…and we continue to feel the guilt but still allow ourselves to live with such guilt. And so I suppose it is true when people say ‘the greatest battle is the one that lies within ourselves’ for which I believe we all strive hard to win. As much as we want to though, we still wind up making mistakes, sin, errors or whatever equivalent to that. After all, we are human beings (hormonally-driven,of course..lol)

But as Pipon once mentioned; How do you effectively let go? And most of all, how do you know whether to effectively let go or to hold on?

I guess you can never tell.
" When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, That's Amore"

That's Amore is a really famous 'love song' and is always used in movies during the dinner parts. And I'm thinking how could that phrase possibly be romantic? I guess that's just Italians being romantic in their own way. It's a nice song btw, especially if you've watched Lady and The Tramp.

It's been 3 weeks since I've been really ignorant of the world and it sure does damage to the brain. I say 'good habits can die easily'.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Congratulations,ma.I'm so proud of you.

You deserved it.xoxo.

Your biggest fan,

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paper and pen

I never knew you could love me so much
Never knew I could like anyone that much

For I love you like you'll never let yourself feel again
I love you like a brother and a best friend
I love you with my whole heart until it bends
I love you like a lover until the very end

Never would I imagine myself saying this, but for once, I think I'm in love, and I feel like a totally different person already,and I have him to thank. I don't think I've been this happy for so long. I love you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On friendships,spanish doughnuts and Britney Spears

Okay,so I haven't really been blogging.I must say that these past few posts have been nothing but an attempt to reassure everyone that I'm still alive and kickin.Well,guess what?

I am!

It couldn't have been a better farewell for me when BELLE,ANAT&PIPON showed up at the airport to send me off. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather see :) Reminds me,yet again,why I'm so lucky to have friends like that - friends that you know you can count on,people that have stood by you through thick and thin,and a friendship that seems effortless and undefined by time nor distance...And you know what's the funny part? I haven't seen them for like God knows how long yet everything was exactly the same.Hell,I've been through so many changes through out my life so it feels damn good to know that some things just don't change,they stay the same regardless.

Speaking of which I should change my hair color.I'm thinking dark purple but someone suggested that I have it dark ebony with streaks of blonde highlights...ERRRRRRRR,maybe not? Well, I've always said that I wanted a mohawk (in a Natalie Portman meets ANTM's Naima kind of way,mind you) but me mom's coming here in April so my hair's still going to be suspiciously short by then and I wouldn't want to freak her out plus daniel wants my hair long so FINE,i'll just stick to my boring old hairdo and I'll always have him to blame whenever I don't like it =P

Anyway,tomorrow's Wednesday and that means Spanish doughnuts! There's like an international food festive here every Wed and daniel brought me there once and their Spanish doughnuts were divine so we're going there again tomorrow night and probably catch a movie after that. I kinda have a thing for doughnuts whether it's Krispy Kreme's original glaze, San Churos or the jam doughnuts in Vic Market, I just love em :)

Oh,I can't wait for next week purely because I'm going for the Aussie Open.Or at least,that's what I plan to do =) And this time,I hope I can see more of Ancic. I thought he was awesome in last year's match and I hope it won't be another Nadal-FedEx final.Or...whatever.

Anyway,my Mom called last night just to inform me that Britney Spears is out of the mental hospital now after the visit from Dr. Phil. And I'm guessing it must be from CNN or probably E! News. I think both my parents are into it more than I am (I mean, my dad actually enjoys the Kimora Show and my parents are always seen watching Keeping up with the Kadashians together for Pete's sake! We're talking about MY parents here...freaky!) =P Ain't they adorable? Lol.

Okay,I'd love to babble more about Britney's unstable state of mind and what I think will happen to her but It's ciow for now. Maybe another time.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today I realised a few stuffs :

1) My favourite bookstore is BORDERS.

2) I'm only one step away from my APPLE dream after bringing The Mom to The Curve today.

3) I haven't read the newspaper cover to cover for nearly 2 weeks and the only source of news I have is either from tv or Myra's daily messages on Bhutto.

4) My firefox cannot open Anwar Ibrahim's website despite how many time I tried.

5) LOVE, the album (from
Cirque Du Soleil) which features music from The Beatles is just awesome! Very much pleasant to the ears.

6) My favourite quotation now is Mom's, "You're a student, so spend like one". Thus, I have a feeling that Scrooge is not going away anytime soon.

and most importantly,

7) Subjects are getting tougher, workloads are getting thicker and I'm nowhere near leading a 'productive' semester yet.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"There's no place like home",even Alice can tell you that.

Okay people,i'm off to Melbourne tomorrow! =)

It's been an awesome holiday for me despite all the craziness that comes with it as well.Had heaps of fun going shopping,holidaying,eating(damn im gonna miss our authentic malaysian food),bbq-ing,watching movies oh-so-cheaply,the family gatherings,my house and mostly,just spending time with the people you love most.It's been a satisying,although a very short one this time.

I'll probly spend my winter in New Zealand,so I'm hopefully gonna see everyone again end of this year (unless you people wanna follow my mom here this easter break);P Anyways,I'm really gonna miss some certain people and just everything,in general :(

See you guys and keep in touch,people!You'll probly see me dwelling at the Aussie Open or sumthin =P And to Pipon,thank God we got to do some catching up before i leave tmrw and thanks for the lunch at Tony Roma's =) Love you babe.

Wish me luck!

Much love,