Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dropping by

I had a bad week.

So i think i deserve today's delight - the good night sleep, the yummy sushi, the perfect sunny weather, the nice atmosphere outside. Suddenly everything and everyone look picture perfect in my eyes : )

Thursday's a very productive day indeed! Settled all my laundry, petronas claims, cleaned my room so at least I get to breathe fresh air for a start : ) All I need to do left is to vacuum my room (my vacuum cleaner's not working though) AND bring myself to study. Oh my. Okay, I HAVE TO start tonite. I can't afford to screw any one of my papers. Especially not this semester please. So yes Nabila, do yourself a favor and start doing some serious accounting work ok?


Anyways, that's it I guess.

More of happier days ahead, I hope!

1 comment:

Afifah said...

I think I so screwed up this semester's exams. Hope you're doing fine as of now and will do even better in the coming 2 papers. Kita sama-sama doa ye