Thursday, March 13, 2008

I really like Organisational Behaviour.
And I don't mind accounting at all.Hope it's not too early (or late) to say that.
I am,however,indifferent about Business Finance or Quantitative Methods2. I mean,sure I don't hate the subjects but they don't exactly give me a sense of happiness either so there you go..
My point is,I can see myself working harder for this semester,which I suppose would be a good thing.I mean,I really don't have a choice now that it's my second year and possibly THE most crucial time ever,academic-wise.

On a personal level,I honestly have no idea where I stand.Oh shit,does sound bad, doesn't it? Lol.I am inept or perhaps just ignorant (to be exact) at letting myself, or other people know about my whereabouts (apart from the fact that I am confused with myself,needless to say). Let's just say that I'm in my comfort zone - whether it's my relationship,my weight,academics or as far as my financial prowess is concerned. I know I've got to kick it up a notch, but sometimes life is just bearably dull for me to argue or take notice. All I need is a better wheather (it's fucking 38-40 degrees here!), a good day at the gym and a nice dose of dark chocolate to boost my endorphine level.Then I should be fine :)

Anyways,it's Easter holiday nest week and I'm counting the days before I get to see my mom - less than a week,woohoo! I miss her. It'll be interesting to see how we'll spend our time together cause usually it's us and the whole family so yes,I'm looking forward to it! I haven't planned much plus I don't plan to jinx it but basically,what I have in mind so far is Great Ocean Road (fingers crossed) and the rest would probably be the normal shopping,touring around the city and eating out - all expenses paid courtesy of mommy dearest :) Hope you'll have a safe journey,mom.

Oh God,it's almost friggin midnight here and I am somewhere in the secluded area of the comp lab right now due to the (unsurprisingly) spastic internet problem at my place. Bleurghhh. Will post something soon. Enjoy the upcoming weekend :)


Ezanee said...

When I was doing my undergrad, to finish my Economics electives, I had to choose between O.B. and intro to marketing.

I chose Marketing.. I barely passed :p

HRH Fiza said...

have fun with mummy! :))

HRH Fiza said...
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