Monday, August 25, 2008

Not liking it so far

You know when your head is cluttered up with so many things yet you just find it hard to organize your thoughts and effectively communicate it?

Writer's block.


I am, first and foremost, unhappy with the way I've been leading my life, academic-wise. I feel so left behind in some certain departments, especially in terms of managing my time. I've been too caught up with the Olympics and maybe cramming 3 days of uni is not such a good idea after all? Yes, I think so. And to make things worse, I've got a back-to-back mid sem tests in approximately 2 weeks and I am, a bit....clueless (especially with MFI). So yes, there will be NO Merdeka celebrations for me this time. Certainly no clubbing, parties or any of the likes. I'm going to make a point to stay in the library after uni till night and get the work done cause I know there's a huge chance I won't be able to do it at home with all the distractions and all that.

Why is it that I'm not as efficient as last semester?

I really don't know. I don't think it's the case of contentment or taking things for granted. I mean, I do almost all my tute work and all that and I try to attend all lectures but I guess I'm finding the subjects this semester really, really hard. A senior of mine did say to us (us being me and my fellow 2nd year commerce comrades) that the 2nd semester in 2nd year would be the hardest part through out our whole course so I guess reality has really started to kick in right now.


I've got to really start thinking hard bout my near future. Having said that, I'm gonna have to fast for these remaining days before puasa starts again and as I've mentioned, start doing the extra work.

I want to be that nerd I thought I was last semester, and so I think it's best for me to stipulate some self-interest by saying goodbye for now.

Have a nice day, people and wish me luck! : )


Afifah said...

Same here! It's beginning to get the best of me. It's not as easy as before.. kena belajar!

nabila said...

I know right! I think it's the first time in uni where I feel like "Ok, I really gotta sit down and read through" cause some of the stuffs are pretty heavy.

I long for the days where I can study last-minute and still score.

Too old for that, huh? Lol.

By the way, YES, Air Asia is opening its...err,wings to Melbourne so y'noe =P I'm coming back to KL mid Dec hopefully. Planning a trip to Gold Coast with my friends here and spend time with Daniel first then baru balik. It'd be so awesome if you could be here by then. What say you? =)