Sunday, October 26, 2008

Books Galore! MPH Warehouse Sale..

I'm not going to spend any money now on books. I think I spent quite enough money on it to last me for a couple of months especially after the finals. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm (since the waiting line on Zati's book is so long!). It was really HOT and there was so many people around but it was worth the time and money spent. Books of my selection are priced from rm8, 15 and 20.

I managed to get Zaimah The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, and if she replied my msg, Dante's Inferno. Got 3 books for Mama - 2 by Lee Child and 1 James Patterson. She really digs into this whole mystery/espionage series and little sister got herself the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer which is said to be replacing the Harry Potter craze which I don't quite understand because it's nowhere as good as Harry and also Spark's A Walk To Remember. It's filled with raging teenage hormones (yes, I was doped into buying the first book..).
I managed to treat myself to classics, something which I want to get for a long time. Bronte, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Oscar Wilde and Henry James. I also managed to get some book by Grisham, Ahern, Zaid Ibrahim, and Picoult. I was tempted to get 1421 but I was trying not to be greedy.

This isn't the right time to be talking about fictions when final exams are coming up in less than 5 days! All the best in your respective finals, whoever you are and wherever you are.


Webster Twelb said...

wow that looks awesome. I love books and the titles the you mentioned are pretty awesome (whoa! Classics)..where's is this place?

HRH Fiza said...

omg banyak gila weh kau borong! pinjam pinjam! :P

Amirul Hafidz said...

Nahh Orwell's books don't belong to warehouse sale, it'd be a miracle if you find them there.

I used to have an old copy of Animal Farm but I sold it on eBay early this year when I went bankrupt. Haha. Would have keep it a little longer if I know I can lend it to you.

Oh yeah, if you happen to still want to read Coelho's The Zahir, do tell me. It's been laying dormant in my bookshelf for almost two years. I can bring it with me when I get back in January.

Lutfi said...

Darn, I wanted to go yesterday. Looks like you had fun. Beli buku nak bukak kedai buku ke? Banyaknye!

wanee said...

steph meyers' fulfil the romantist in the young female :P HP is a legend !

nabila said...

Lucky you!!! I should've been there. : (

I love Oscar Wilde especially 'The happy prince' and 'The nightingale and the rose' in one of his short fictions. I have that if you want.

And I'm pretty sure I have Animal Farm somewhere in my bookshelf at home, I'll check it for you once I get back ok (which is on 10th Dec btw).

I still have 2 of your books with me so remind me to return it to you when I get back and yes, I expect to be one of those people at the front of your waiting cue (to borrow the books, that is) =P

I miss KL, all the books here are twice the price! Can't wait to balik already : )

Good luck exams. Mine's in about 2 weeks =/

Atif said...

ooo bloody hell jelesnye!! @.@ kamu kaki buku ke? cool2, dah try catch-22? bloody hilarious dan best! a somewhat-modern-classic of the satirical genre if there ever was one lol.

and mon amie 1984 you can get dekat sunway? i think i got mine for quite cheap. (pergh naive gila suggestion lol, macam tu je kedai buku yg ada XD) as far as im concerned nak carik buku tu memang susah kot - had been hunting it since i was in jb, by chance kat KL baru jumpa lol (granted i didn't drop by many bookshops, though - like, very few je? =p). otherwise, there's always them books by orwell online, legally =) hardcopies of these dusty classics senang nak carik (kot) if one knows where to look, pasal dah byk print and some copyright dah expired pun (pasal tu free online) - secondhand book shops might be a good place to start as well, i would think ;)

syafiq n said...

arggghhhh??? apa semua ni???
im so alergic to this post!!!
somebody help me!

c.for.coriander said...

Funnily enough, the thought of escaping to the realms of fiction and imagination almost always comes up when it's five days before exam.;P

p.s: you've removed me from your blogroll.:,(

Afifah said...

Webster : I think the sale is done already. It's at seksyen 14, pj

Pcha: I'm sure it's not a problem. Besides, i want to borrow your books too.

Amirul : I'm not too familiar with ebay to trust internet vendors. Market aussie lagi reliable kot? Yeah, do bring the zahir back, and nak pinjam boleh? [or maybe I could drop by at Sydney this Dec]. I was looking for it for it at the warehouse sale but it wasn't there. Suprisingly, all of Coelho's other books are there.

Nabila : yeah, I remember you having my Coelho nye short stories but I can't remember the other book that's with you. Memang nak pinjam you and your bro's book :)

Atif : Kedai buku apa yg best and murah kat sunway tu? Sila recommend. I know I can get it online but I'm not a fan of online books. And printing it is not as thrilling as reading the book itself. Besides, my printer kokak.

Syafiq N : Silalah berjinak-jinak dengan buku.

Lutfi/wanee/hazel : thanks for dropping by. I think Bella is too self-absorbed for my liking. Dont worry hazel, i'll add you to the link. And yes lutfi, I think I dah boleh buka mini-bookstore :)

Irving said...

Just dropping by to remind you that you owe me a certain Ratio article.

Also, books are a good thing. Dostoevsky can drive you nuts though.