Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's times like this that I miss Nabila and Tia

I was unable to get out of bed this morning. After a few days of a runny nose, the ultimate cold is here. I just hope I'll be ok enough tomorrow . I feel bad leaving Zamir alone to call up the judges that is so desperately needed (we have 89 teams this year people! so you can do the maths of how many judges are needed!), I feel bad towards Izat and the other PC committee members pasal selalu tinggalkan mereka buat backdrop and banners, susun-susun meja for dinner. I'm trying to do the best with my situation by sending up some articles to RATIO, the official bulletin this time around. Mah, Nabilah and Faiz is putting a lot of effort in it so do pray that it will turn out great.

I'm always impressed with our BM debaters, the work and commitment they put into organizing this tournament is awesome. You don't know how many challenges they're facing - especially financially. Thus, let's hope and pray that this interschool will be an pretty awesome one like the others!

I hope the girls will do well this time around. The last time we broke was back then in 2005.

p/s: Atif, I'll be sure to post up pictures of the tournament here. Mau request any specific pics pun boleh!

3 years ago..

Yeah, we like taking pictures with our adjudicators back then

Fareez dulu.

Tia yang best! Nabila 3rd speaker selalu duduk hujung, tu lah pasal tak nampak :). Hye Irving.

I have a feeling that Ezanee was judging this.

Ayap and Anati macam adik-beradik. Anati will be debating this year!


Ezanee said...

I was the ultimate judge :p

Irving Tan said...




I must send him a link to this site-confem Belle jeles ahaha XD XD XD

And hey ada gambar aku! =D

PS-Do a post on Interschool tau! It should be done! =D (especially with the riveting exchange that has been going on with Interschool alumni as of late!!)

PPS-All the best in organizing the monster that is Interschool! Cheers! =D

atif said...



Do write an update on the tournament, eh? you will have (at least) two very, very appreciative readers from continents as far apart North America and Australasia awaiting it =)

nabila said...

Awwwwww babe...I'm missing those days too - color coordinating our attire,lack of sleep+appetite,the arguments the 3 of us had,screaming at poor anati (Lol!),rushing to the debate room,sitting on the floor like no one's business and mostly,just hanging out and having a blast.

It's really one of those moments I'll always cherish,no doubt =)

Irving Tan said...


Is RMC winning?

HAHAHAHAHAHA kantoi gila biased XD

ayp said...

awww.... i miss those crazy days =)

atif said...


Umh umh-

-sape menang?


*Atif dan Irving menunggu*

hadiquizzikal said...


Afifah said...

RMC beat TKC in the octo's.

RMC kalah di quarters.

MRSM TAIPING sampai semifinals tau Atif (nanti i update kat u since i have the pleasure of judging them twice in the breaking rounds)

Irv, your post to the bulletin was great.

Nabila, memalam siket kita online skype tau.

Pheww.. penat!

atif said...

my reaction to that news was a very profound "OMIGOD @.@" tau (+ sepak forehead XD)



SEMIS?! @.@


Ps. Afifah, no hurry tau lol about the post, I'm sure you have other priorities as well - seriously, we can wait, no worries lol =)

Anonymous said...

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