Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A blogger's block

I find it hard to focus on writing anything remotely interesting in these past few months mostly because so many things that have been going on in my life are away from home that it's pointless to share the nitty gritty details on this blog.

I wish I was more involved with more things or people back home.

I don't wanna write for the sake of writing, you know?

Maybe I should take a break and explore many places and do stuffs I've been wanting to do but never really did. And then hopefully when I get through all that, I'll be more inspired to write (not just on this blog, mind you)

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm back but not completely back

Discovered Paulo Coelho's blog from a friend, and I think it's so cool that he has one. Putting aside those snips of him singing (another passion of him I guess), I guess his blog will be one of those oasis for me after a stupid day and all you want at the end of the day is to make sense of it. Sesungguhnya di kala kesibukan ini, kita mudah terlupa untuk membaca - dan semakin lama menjadi semakin jahil.

"Then I thought of the dead man in his pajamas, of solitude so utter and abysmal that for twenty years nobody in this whole wide world had realized that he had simply disappeared without leaving a trace. And my conclusion is that worse than feeling hunger and thirst, worse than being jobless, suffering for love, in despair over some defeat – worse than all this is to feel that nobody, absolutely nobody in this world, cares for us."

Monday, March 16, 2009

A generous week

A few reasons why I'm joyfully happy:

1) My sister got straight 10A's for her SPM! And she deserves every bit of it =D
2) I'm going to Sydney for my Easter break! Hope to buy the plane ticket tomorrow.
3) I've just decorated my room and had a spring cleaning in my lounge area. My apartment now looks twice the original size.
4) I managed to do my Corporate Finance tute and had a constructive discussion with Apok on leasing issues. I am, however, still unsure of the NPV calculations for the lessor/lessee example in Sean's lecture notes. I'm pretty sure there's a slight error.
5) I am still in the midst of organizing my housewarming with Aida - it's meant to be super glamorous. I'm so excited. We'll see how it goes.
6) My cousin K.Jehan just got married. To think that we used to play together when we were kids and now she's married? I'm so happy for her.
7) I love my french class - love the tutor/lecturer, my classmates and especially the language. Got a test this Thurs!
8) Bought a new mavi jeans (my fav) and a royal blue wool trench coat for winter, both from To the Max. Loooo-ve it!