Monday, October 1, 2007

The end of Idol for me

What a disgrace!

Mark de Costa should NOT have been eliminated from Australian Idol at this stage.Even all the judges agreed.
This is,by far, the most incomprehensible thing that has ever taken place in the history of television.Seriously.

That's it! I hate hate hate this country now.And I'm never going to lay eyes on this season of Idol EVER AGAIN :(

(Sounds like an overstatement but true nonetheless)


Anonymous said...

I know right?

I seriously thought it was time for jacob to get the boot, or even marty.But mark?didn't see that one coming.Oh well,that's the way of the world.

nabila said...

I seriously thought Mark would be in the final 3. Anyway, I assume people were expecting others to do the voting for Mark (not knowing that it would backfire in the end)

Afifah said...

Is that tia?

takpe, I still heve American Idol to look out to