Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How do you EFFECTIVELY let go?

I guess you just don't.

And that's the very reason why I'm smiling now.

Thank you.


nabila said...

i SO know what you mean (if you know what i mean) ;)

Afifah said...

are u sure u know what i mean? are u sure its not about a book? LOL. Online lah msn/ym sekejap..

Anonymous said...

Letting go... and your blog is titled Hold On. Pretty ironic, ain't it so? Lol..


nabila said...

pipon: i'm pretty sure you know what i'm talking about *smirks*

abir: now that you've mentioned,it DOES sound paradoxical..Lol

HRH Fiza said...

you never EFFECTIVELY let go.
well, at least I never.


Anonymous said...

I guess you just can't.

That's whay I'm sorta glad


polka and spidey said...

peepish gettin all emo punk?? has to do wit finals or wut? btw, i fucked up ils and tort! and the others jugak la, din see you the whole exam week, wherve you been hiding?

fiqss said...

whats up?
let go of what?
i dun get it!!!!!!!!!


hadiquizzikal said...

u do let go. its just that u choose to believe u cant. it must be an absolute, not qualified choice. e.g. u can choose whether or not u'll be gay. its just a yes or no.