Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's 8.09a.m. (+2hours in Melbourne) and I'm wide awake.

Now that's something completely new to me.

Anyway, here's my plan for the day (not that it matters):

Somewhere between after writing this blog - noon : Accounting tutes
1.30pm: Meeting with Aca and the rest at Asto
3pm: Raya pics in REB (and that's the Royal Exhibition Building for those of you wondering)
6.30: Buka puasa then work at the restaurant till 10/11pm (?)
Night: Macroecons tute/studying and will probly write another post,depending on the situation.

I had to cancel my shopping trip to Bridgeroad with a friend so there goes my supposed-to-be-getting-it-by-today dress (Anita darling,I know you won't be reading this but in case you do, I'll definitely make it up to you NEXT weekend,ok?) =) Anyway, did I mention I just bought JT's concert ticket for a f*cking 150 dollars! That's like a few books in Borders, or/and a few tops in Bridgeroad, or a seafood platter plus dessert at the place I'm working at right now, or two other concert tickets! To think of all the things I'm forgoing for the BETTER be good! =P



Khalidah Nazihah said...

i would literally kill for those tickets!!!!

nabila said...

I've never really been hands-on about concert stuff,with the exception of this one. God, I don't even know his songs that much!!! LOL

Btw,I thought he's coming to KL too,no?

Afifah said...

Tell me u didnt! JT! JT! JT!

nabila said...

Sorry pipon,but i DID =P It's on the 17th Nov - 3days after my finals.Fair enough! :)