Tuesday, October 9, 2007

iftar with a few uni mates

Mac and cheese never failed farah

Luckily Shera mentioned Shrek only after me and Myra finished with it

Some of us were craving for Secret Recipe so Shera suggested JJ Wangsa Maju for iftar. The usual people except for Sarah. We went there around 540pm+ after classes. Apparently, all the tables were fully reserved. To make it worse, all the tables in Shakey's, Johnny's, McD and KFC were also fully booked. Hancur luruh hati. So we went to Secret Recipe dekat Ong Tai Kim. Luckily, there's a lot of empty spaces even when its time to berbuka already. Farah and Myra tried some of those 'celebrity cookouts' which turned out pretty great while me and Shera decided to play it safe. The journey to Ong Tai Kim outside the JJ pasar area was horrifying. I kept on praying that i wont hit and bump into anyone. Lately, driving has become a scary thing for me. People are walking as if there's NO car at all infront of them.

I shall miss my regular bazaar outings with farah when ramadhan's over. Hahaha.. our special 'outings'. We had this going on since matrix. Sarah is outta the club already :)

A dear friend just called. It's good to know that I'm still capable of providing some good advices even for 'the other side'. Or so I thought.

I just checked out Facebook. There's just too much things in a page that I'm getting dizzy for a while. Will check it out later when I'm not so sleepy..


nabila said...

Ahhhh...good food. I miss eating out at our usual secret recipe or chillis =(

Oh,facebook? I've checked it out too.Not bad but I still don't have the urge to create an account. And by the time I do,it's probly gonna be outdated =P

polka and spidey said...

biyatch!!!! with a capital B!!

myra said...

ahaa..lucky enuff u didnt include that 'orgasm' pic of mine.heck. peeps. bila mau swim ni

myra said...

ahaa..lucky enuff u didnt include that 'orgasm' pic of mine.heck. peeps. bila mau swim ni

Afifah said...

i thought that was the 'orgasm' pic. just that i didnt have the heart to put it as caption. LOL. kita swim2 next sem cay?