Wednesday, October 3, 2007

science or fiction?

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I used to think that time has robbed me from the things that I wanted to do but couldn't. Eventually, you'll reach a stage where what's left of your spare time becomes the paradigm of luxury.

I don't know if it's a figment of my imagination,but everything seems to be revolving faster by the day.It's like..It's like I'm surfacing on a fast-motioned road, concious of the obliviousness of others. A few seconds feel more like miliseconds now, and 24 hours just seem too short a time.Sometimes I wonder if time is ever fictional - I've had some moments where I think the notion of "24 hours-a-day" is merely a make-believe quantitative measurement. Then again,that's just me fiddling with my imagination.

Come to think of it, there's only so much you can do within that time frame. I mean, if research and studies indicate that the average hours of sleep a person should be getting is between 6-8 hours, then a quarter of our daily lives are spent just sleeping (that is assuming that we sleep 6 hours and not more). If, for example,that much is emphasized on sleeping, then we've only got the remaining three quarter to spend on everything else - paying the bills, college/uni/work, the trip to the grocery store,shower, lunch and dinner, all the catching up with family and friends, meetings, workload, the journey (plus the hellish traffic jam), the telephone conversations, sex (Just to clear things up,I'm NOT horny.This point is relevant considering the fact that a lot of people emphasize the need for sex which is part and parcel of their daily activitities plus how did you think we got here in the first place?)

The things aforementioned may seem very simple and easy to complete, yet when you add up every little thing in detail, it takes out A LOT of our daily time proportion, which in a way depicts the change in the societal pattern.It amuses me,really.

No wonder people are taking showers instead of baths, and eat out instead of a proper meal with the family at home. No wonder technologically-oriented people like you and I talk on the phone more often instead of the face-to-face conversation, and no wonder people have quickies instead of the good old-fashioned sex (or at least that's what they show on TV) - it's the LACK OF TIME!!!

Yes,everything seems feasible, yet we're still left with very little time to ourselves.

So take a minute or two out of your busy life. Relax and enjoy it.

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