Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Battle of the bulge

I've lost weight. My pants are getting looser, and Jolyn commented on my obvious collarbone (which I still think has been pretty much the same since its mere existence). I just hope Jolyn (or myself) ain't hallucinating.

OK,so maybe I haven't been eating as much as I used to,or perhaps it's just the crazy waitressing job that's putting me off the scale BUT contrary to popular belief, I personally HATE it when I look like I've lost heaps of weight. Sure, I'd like to shed off a few kilos here and there but I just don't want it to be obvious enough for people to really take notice of it. I know it sounds paradoxical but that's the truth.

I mean, I know I sometimes mention about my weight and over-exaggerate things, but I'm really really grateful for what I have,including my body. Not excited,over-zealous or even in love with it but like I said, just grateful.

You see,the so-called complicated mystery behind every girl's anatomy isn't really hard to explain.

For a start, there are several categories of us girls:

1) The perfectly-comfortable-in-my-own-skin type: This type knows what she's got and not. She perfectly knows how to play the game - she's happy with her best assets (whichever that is) and glamorously flaunts it whilst cleverly hiding places she shouldn't be showing. At the end of the day, she knows she's done the right thing.

2) The attention-deficit/mengada-ngada type: This type is AWARE and CONCIOUS that people take notice of her - whether it's her flawless skin, her gorgeous silky hair, her captivating blue eyes, her curves or just about everything. She's either got too much compliments and just fishing out for more, or lack of attention and seeking for some. Either way, she tries to point out everything "bad" about her, naturally hoping to be comforted with (surprise...surprise..) MORE compliments. Her definition of beauty depends a lot on others, and more often than not, this type lacks the sense of individualism.

3) The all-star: And then there's also the type who's got it all. Gorgeous looks+hot bod+a great fashion sense and a striking personality (or maybe not) that comes with it. At the end of the day, she knows she's hit the jackpot.

4) The health freak: This type typically has a strong personality - very focused, disciplined and straight-up. She's either been through a phase of weight issues and vows not to ever let history repeat itself OR simply concious right from the start.

5) The I-don't-give-a-kiloshit-about-my-weight: Whether she's attractive or not, she just couldn't care less. Their motto: Why should we conform to the social norm? OR I'm just too lazy to do anything about it.

6) The super-concious type: This type is slightly intriguing. They've got the looks or the body but refuse to acknowledge it because of their superlow self-esteem. Usually in denial about their good physique.

So,which one are YOU? (or at least closest to?) =)


Khalidah Nazihah said...

oh, how i wish i were number 3!

tiadarling said...

a bit of everything..(and yes, i dont care if it sounds perasan .. i am a little bit of the all-star.sigh if u dont compliment urself who will?!)

try coming up with number 7 for that.

yaya schmaya said...

ohh yesss, im an ALL-STAR too, hahahha =P
*self-confidence is the BEST accesory a girl should wear* ;)

nabila! i invite u view my blog, guna ur msn email address, ok? huhuhu

nabila said...

I'm a lot of number 1 with a bit of the rest except for number 4. Good to know I've provided option #3,ey? Hehe.