Tuesday, October 23, 2007


For those of you wondering,the title "reincarnation" above refers to the rebirth and transformation of my ancient (note: ANCIENT) Nokia 6288 phone to my new Sony Ericsson K770i !!! Am digging the color (ultra violet) and the sleek design so yes, I'm happy but more importantly,relieved now that I no longer have to rely on others since the godforsaken incident.

I hope the person who stole my phone will pick up an ear infection or something like a rigid eardrum for making those few days an ultimate hellish experience for me.Yes,you heard me right,Mr/Ms Sneaky Thief!

Anyway,my finals are in 2 weeks (more or less) hence my blogging sessions would temporarily come to an end - that is,if I don't get to squeeze in some extra time.Instead,I'd probably lock myself up in my room,dwell on my ATA (and that's Accounting Transaction & Analysis) tutes while stuffing myself with the usual staple pre-exam food (potato chips and the likes of chocolates).

And who said I couldn't multi-task?? =P

Well,nothing much to say actually. Just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm still using the same number in case anyone needs to contact me. That's about it. I'm outta here..


Afifah said...

I remember someone telling me that she doesn't like Sony E... but I'm glad u changed your mind. Mind posting up a photo on the phone? Nak juga usha phone baru kamu yang kedengaran canggih..

fiqss said...

yeah nabila!
s.e is THE phone brand to use!;)