Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I know this is very late, but happy birthday again nabila(yeah, for your bday's sake, no pann this time). I'm not going to try to write a poem since I cant do one and in the end, I won't be able to express anything except my zero knowledge in poems. Behold, my lame attempt in wishing her happy birthday.

4 things you should know about Nabila(things which I believe can be made public)

1) She and her sister are very close. They're like BFFs, like the Gilmore Girls. You might see them fight occasionally but mereka bagaikan isi dan kuku. There's not a single thing that she knows that Sarah wouldn't(maybe it's different now because of the geographical gap).

Point : She's a very caring sister which is good since we dont see much of that anymore nowadays-point to self.

2) It's hard for her to LIKE LIKE a guy. So when she does, she's going to LIKE LIKE that guy for a long time. That doesn't mean that she's seeking for anything serious right now, or something that isn't serious, it just shows that she lives for NOW. She doesn't plan this sort of thing. You dont have to be Brad Pitt, or the richest one, or the cutest one, or be the perasan-lepak-guy-with-the-i-dont-care-attitude(somehow they like to think its cool) to capture her heart. What matters is your heart(sounds cliche but don't we all?) and how you potray yourself cuz believe me, you can never fix a standard in or even have a description when it comes to her choice. Am I making sense here?

Point : If you manage to win her heart, take good care of it because you ought to know that you're one lucky fella

3) If you want to know what kind of music she likes, try getting inside her brother's head.

Point : If you wanna get a CD for her and you can't hack into her iTunes, try asking her bro what he likes.

4) She's a girl of strong principles and this is one of the reason I'm proud to call her my friend. Be it religious, political.... when she has a stance on something, she will never budge(unless there's a fatwa that declares otherwise)

Point : She's not an easy girl to break

It's 2 am and Im getting sleepy. Forgive me nabila for the lame attempt. Correct me if I'm wrong in the above facts. Cheers~

[there will be a part 2 if I see a demand for it]


nabila said...

I didn't expect this! This is definitely the BEST birthday present =) caught me off guard and it really reminded me yet again why we're best friends =) You just triggered my endorphins and made my day (and i'm sure for the whole entire week) =)

I love you! with all my heart!

HRH Fiza said...

sweet gila fifa !

amirulhafidz said...

Happy birthday Pann. Wishing u all the wonderful things in this world.

nabila said...

Thanks guys! =)

fiqss said...

happy belated bday nabila!=)

owh u wanna know my fave part??

Point : She's a very caring sister which is good since we dont see much of that anymore nowadays-point to self.

POINT TO SELF. hahahahaha. KIDDIN =p