Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Curious Incident Of A Lost Bag in The Day Time

Just because some shit happened, I shouldn't let it ruin an otherwise perfect day.

Yes, yes. I should be floating in the air now that I've finally got a dress to wear for Malam Gemilang. One problem solved, and I'm left with only my heels to think about (screw the clutch). I thought the dress was a good buy in which I should give credits to Teea for dragging me along to DFO Spencer...well,ughh,kinda (apart from the aftermath,that is) Anyhow, thank you babe! Hope you get to find your dream dress soon =)

Anyways,I've got to run so many errands tomorrow - the trip to the banks (both NAB and CBA), settle my student card, my apartment key with CS, hand in my police report, yada..yada..and of course there's the f*cking BPA essay to think about and let's just hope that bastard (who shall remain anonymous but for the record,it's not you aliya..haha) will leave me alone because if he (yes,it's a he) doesn't, then I swear I'd make his life a living hell. Trust me, you wouldn't want me to. Even I absolutely loathe myself once that inner bitch is unleashed.

Forgive me for my choices of words, but I really don't paraphrase when I'm having one of those shitty days. You know, the day where everything was SUPPOSED to be okay (if not perfect) but turned out the exact opposite instead. The day where things started out smoothly but got worse by the second. The day where ONE incident changed the whole course of your life for at least the next 24 hours or so. So yes, I feel like I deserve to be upset and I'm not going to pretend that nothing's happened or that I'm happy,because clearly,I'm not. Unless you acknowledge and admit your misundertakings and the glitches in your life, you can't get over the discontentment. And because I have the leverage to express my feelings by blogging, then why not? I guess this is what you get in exchange for some freedom of speech/expression (sorry guys)

It's just that I lost my handbag hence the foul language and the mood swing. Not just the handbag (which is of sentimental value to me), but EVERYTHING else - handphone, my wallet (cash and all my important IDs,licenses,insurance card, tram ticket,etc), my apartment key, my perfume, most of my make up, my stationaries, calculator,ATA lecture notes, my new black umbrella and well..... everything. So yes, I'm utterly devastated beyond words.

Like I said, I don't want to talk about it. Flashes of unwanted memories come barging in.

I just pray that things will turn out better for me....


Afifah said...

I feel for u. Lost my wallet and handphone if u remembered. the 48 hours after that was a complete mess. And ure now in a worse position than I am. I hope ull feel better soon.

HRH Fiza said...

sorry about the handbag. hope things will turn out ok in the end okay babe =)

Anonymous said...

It's twelve twenty six in the morning,
With my little sis next to me, soundly sleeping,
As the air-con heavily heaving,
I sit at the edge of my bed, typing...

Happy belated birthday Miss I'm-So-Hot they call her Pan!
She's so smart,people feel intimidated,they run!
She can so pull off SEXY,give her a gun!
She knows her ways,she knows her stuffs,she is fun!

Pan dearest sorry that I'm late,
I hope you think this poem is great,
Happy birthday to you!again i don't mind it thrice said,
Hope the many years of yours to come happiness never evades.

PS:It's pretty impromptu so, if it sounds sucky, don't mind it ya?Lol...I just got back from hostel and just checked my mails. Sorry anyways for the belated wish! Happy 19th year hottie!


nabila said...

I love my abir =) thanks hun,it's lovely. love it =)