Sunday, September 30, 2007

My very own Van Gogh :)

It's a good thing that I'm actually investing money on butter, eggs and flour instead of shoes.

Yep,I've religiously embraced the art of baking in a rigorous manner ;)

So here's a sneak peek on my latest profound interest - baking (sheesh I sound like a boring old granny with 50 granchildren to feed).My first ever butter cake plus a simple mixed salad with vinaigrette dressing.
Bon appetit! :)

Next on my list: chocolate mud cheesecake and bread butter pudding........And there we have another 12 more hours to go before buka puasa.Clever of me ey :/


Iz said...

mud cheesecake.. cant wait for that..
i want.. i want..:P

Afifah said...

aiyayai... food! ni buat sendiri ke ready made? hahaha. u know, the one where u dah just put the mix in with water and egg? kidding. congratulations my friend

nabila said...

from scratch okay! :)

HRH Fiza said...