Sunday, September 16, 2007

Every dog has its day

Now playing: "The Big Fight" by Stars.

Life’s been pretty generous for some people, including myself.
The Kangaroos won against Hawthorn, which I guess was a surprise to many especially after their humiliating loss against Geelong a few days ago. South Africa (go baby go go!) thrashed England for a stunning 36-0 victory! On the other hand, I had a great time brushing up on my ping pong skills (if any) which turned out to be well worth the walk along Lygon Street. Plus I managed to prepare some baked pasta which wasn't so bad after all AND talk to my Mom, aunt and grandma over the phone last night.

So yeah, it’s been an awesome Saturday for me so thank you God =)


Afifah said...

Yeah. I was stunned yesterday. The loss was really bad. Luckily, Johnny Wilkinson wasn't part of that team anymore. I always enjoy watching rugby. 'Orang2 rugby semua polite2 belaka :)'

Ping pong?

enchantress said...

Right..i asked Peach for the verification of the owners of the blog and it got verified by me checking out Tia's blog.

Wow. This is great. Pan and Feefs, both great writers.

Blog on women!

nabila said...

To pips: I'm addicted to it right now! Lol.
To Abir: Love your blog woman :)