Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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1. Sex&the city re-runs.I'm still not over it.
2. Wentworth Miller's officially gay.I knew he was too good-looking to be straight.
3. I want want want the whole season of SCRUBS!!! Anyone??
4. HOUSE season 4's coming out on channel 10 this october.OCTOBER - oh well.
5. HEROES season2 will be out soon. Marry me,Milo Ventimiglia?
6. Jesse Spencer is officially moving on following his break-up with Jennifer Morrison (Toldja Sarah.There will always be hope in Hollywood) =P
7. David Duchovny seems a bit too old to be playing the extremely perveted Hank Moody,don't u think? Sorry Hank, you're just not cool enough. (Somehow Californication reminds me a bit of Entourage,except that its's never going to be as good)
8. What's with The Sopranos? Best Show for the Emmy award? Urghhhhh.
9. Futurama is now officially funnier than The simpsons.Fry, I love you..


Anonymous said...

Milo Ventimiglia - I still think he looks cuter being that rebellious nephew of Luke's from Gilmore Girls.Speaking of, is Entourage THAT good? And speaking of again, thank god a cast of Grey's Anatomy received an Emmy award... phew~!Don't want the show to lose it's magic.. Anyways, has Private Practice started?

Anonymous said...

That post would be by me.


nabila said...

Thought so =)
I've never really noticed him in Gilmore,maybe it's because I hardly watch it. But he IS a bit short, don't u think?
Anyway,I thought Entourage was OK,not a big fan though.If you've ever heard of the show Californication, it pretty much resembles Entourage.
Ooooh private practice.They haven't fininshed filming it yet if I'm not mistaken.Let me know if it's out!

Anonymous said...

greys rocks!!

Afifah said...

1) i like the main actor(that guy who i cant remember the name) of sex and the city, he's so charming.

2) Eyh pann, masa aku promote milo ventmiglia aka jess in gilmore girls time f2, beria kau tak nak! hehehe. I have to agree with abir.. I PREFER him more in gilmore but I'm not complaining about heroes lah(except for simone)

3) Entourage is cool, it's not draggy :)

4) Next week dah pilot private practise and Im trying NOT to watch it.

adeyhh... aren't we all tv freaks?