Sunday, September 23, 2007

Listening to :Midnight Hour - Running Away

Stumbled upon this song in myspace and now I can't get it out of my head. I don't really check my myspace account. I only use the account to access stuffs inside it, like the the latest songs, etc. Woke up at 9am today, it's late considering the fact that I have debate practice that's supposed to start by that time.I arrived in Gombak around 9.5o(sempat isi minyak) and only 30 minutes after that we started to debate. I honestly think that my debating life right now is in quite in a mess but I guess I need time to settle down properly in my 1st sem. I never partnered with any seniors before for any debates(well exception for Lutfi since he's my League partner and Hadi for Rector's cup), so partnering Suhaib and Kiyama today was a different experience.

I have my 2nd test for Contract this coming Wednesday and an Islamic Worldview test sometime next week too. Life hasn't been fun when you live for exams, since I'm taking 7 subjects and I have 2 papers every week. So, it's like 1 month of continuous tests. Did I mention that there's a book review that's supposed to be halfway through now and yours truly is only at pg. 22 now? I'm trying my best to function under duress.

I'm getting along pretty well with my room mates. I enjoy being their room mates but sometimes it's quite frustrating not to have any single Law student in your block. Speaking of them, it just reminded me that I need to burn and bring along a few CD's for them. Wonder if I can force them to watch Friday Night Lights since they've already brainwashed me with Sin Chan. Wish we could have the Indonesian version instead. It could have been funnier.

Nabila : I'll do it sometime next week cay? If you dont mind.


nabila said...

Thanks babe! =) take your time..

pudds said...

my roomate is my coursemate.heh.good luck exams not overslept!!u said u wanted to burn fnl cd's for me.cpat laa kasi aku angau jugak.

oh btw,i watch sin chan every week okay!hahahahaa

nabila said...

hello poodle doodle =)