Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Tree Hill. Just when I thought I'm DONE with the show, my sys downloaded the new season's promo, and ME being ME, am so curious to see what's going to happen- u know, since they'll be showing it 4years after they grad.

I'm dissapointed with myself.


Anonymous said...

So, it's out already? *scorns*
It's never gonna cease to exist. HOW COME THEY DON'T DO THAT FOR THE OC???? The world is unfair.Things need to be justified.*mocks*


fiqss said...

hahahaha!i let the window show on purpose so dat u'll watch the season 5 promo =) cant wait!huhu

Irving Tan said...

Biaselah tu Afifah=)

Afifah said...

Abir: I thought The OC has more viewers than OTH. Wonder why they end the show? Mischa Barton perhaps.

Ngah : Kejam betul. Siapa suruh download lepas tuh biar2 terbuka.

Irving: Hye.