Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Now Playing: "Throw it All Away" by Zero 7

I think I'm addicted to this song. The other bands that I've been listening to a lot for these past few days include I Am Robot And Proud, The Go! Team, Stars, Feist, Bjork,Tegan&Sara, The Album Leaf. I hate shifting from one song to another, which explains why I tend to replay a particular song over and over again till I get sick of it - just another one of my old,unusual habits.

Anyway,I feel like I'm not my usual self lately, which is probably a good thing. And when I say that, what I really mean is that I don't really talk much anymore and that I'm not in the mood to do a lot of things nowadays - like talking to people, hanging out, go for a movie, or even SHOPPING (can you believe that?!). Well,presumably because I'm fasting,but usually that's not the case. In fact, that was never the case.

Why do I have the feeling that I'm starting to turn into a loner?

I guess we all turn into one at some point of age, or time.

On second thoughts,maybe it's just me. The fact that I've had an overdose of fun, or that I hang out too much before this might explain the behaviour. So much to a point where I get bored of doing the same thing, with the same people (no offense though).

I mean,I actually enjoy my own company more than I ever did, which is pretty weird,no? I haven't gone out to the city for like almost two weeks (despite the two-week break), haven't bought a single Krispy Kreme in ages, the last movie I watched was 'Hairspray' which was a night before John left for Perth, and I forgot when was the last time I had coffee with my friends! So to those of you who are wondering what the hell have I been doing, the answer is simple: the obvious - sleeping. Gee I feel tired, sleepy and drained out almost all the time.

I think it's about time for me to adjust back to my original biological clock,speaking of which I should be sleeping in a bit....and start exercising soon!


Khalidah Nazihah said...


Ezanee said...

Yes! The Go! Team rocks!

Afifah said...

Hey, my life had turned out quite the same as yours. Minus the work and loner part. I guess all of us need to LIVE more.

Yelah, i takde, tulah u takde mood nak lepak2....(perasan jap)

enchantress said...

Sweetheart, trust me, it hits everyone randomly. Loneliness sucks. I know. I went through that phase last year. It sucks.