Friday, September 21, 2007

People are never safe from people

Watching Criminal Minds does in a way help you to analyze what's going on behind these crazy+barbaric+disgusting+disturbing+sick people, how every act the 'unsub' did describes him as a person but still, there's no acceptable justifications to their acts. How do people end up like this? How do people resort to such inhumane behaviour? Rapists usually 'just rape' their victim but this particular unsub is SICK. A sexual sadist. Derives pleasure from inflicting pain from others. I wish not to touch on the details- with all due respect to arwah. I can't imagine how anyone can go through such pain, let alone an 8-year-old girl.

Statistics show that crime rates in Malaysia is going down. Nevertheless, the occurance of 'extreme and barbaric' crime is certainly on the rise. What went wrong? Influence of exposure of violence from the media? So called 'western influences'? I believe that in every person, there is that part of you that can kill or hurt another person. It's just that what separates us from these SICK people is that we restrain ourselves from doing it, or actually think of God before committing something so sinful.

I'm not discriminating people who have mental problem or who are sick, it's just that if they know that they're SICK, they can get help,. but of course.. only a minority of them will resort to it.

The murderer should get what he did to the victim. Memang macam binatang. Binatang pun lagi berperikemanusiaan.

Al-Fatihah to adik Nurin Jazlin. Sesungguhnya Allah s.w.t lebih menyayangi anak kecil ini.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been updated with the current issues of late due to what i've been doing with my books.. LOL. So, was kind of shocked about the kid's news. Went to this blog dedicated to her and, do you think the dead girl's her? I doubt it... Oh well, YOU watch Criminal Minds, what say you?

PS: Speaking of sick minds, thought of that crazy inmate from Prison Break yang bonceng basikal after they fled. What's his name again? He's sick, man...


nabila said...

poor girl...what happened,really?

Afifah said...

Nabila : You can check the news at any online newspaper. The whole nation is talking about it. But maybe you want to check out

Abir : I only watched a few epi of prison break season 1. So I dont know that part :)

amerhadiazmi said...

Al-fatihah for arwah..