Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today I realised a few stuffs :

1) My favourite bookstore is BORDERS.

2) I'm only one step away from my APPLE dream after bringing The Mom to The Curve today.

3) I haven't read the newspaper cover to cover for nearly 2 weeks and the only source of news I have is either from tv or Myra's daily messages on Bhutto.

4) My firefox cannot open Anwar Ibrahim's website despite how many time I tried.

5) LOVE, the album (from
Cirque Du Soleil) which features music from The Beatles is just awesome! Very much pleasant to the ears.

6) My favourite quotation now is Mom's, "You're a student, so spend like one". Thus, I have a feeling that Scrooge is not going away anytime soon.

and most importantly,

7) Subjects are getting tougher, workloads are getting thicker and I'm nowhere near leading a 'productive' semester yet.

Hope you have a nice weekend.


fifa said...

ur mom words. wow. straight menusuk jantung :P *blushed and ashamed*

btw, happy new year. may 2008 would be a productive year to both of us. toast and cheers :)

atif slim said...

Lol I LOVE Borders too @.@ They're the first bookstore I've been to that properly arranges ALL books in alphabetical order, as opposed to separating classics away (randomly jakun lol, JB tak banyak bookstores yang best, see =p)

But anyway, wanted to tell you if you didn't already know that the WUPID article came out some two weeks ago tau, the unedited versions are now on my blog, as are mel's photos from the event =)