Sunday, January 20, 2008

Marry me?

Baghdatis, Baghdatis,
Won't you give me a kiss?
I'll kiss you back
No doubt about that

I spend my nights just staring at you
With that focus I give when I look at a shoe
That tingling sensation starts to fill me up
So Baghdatis baby, won't you please help me out?

Come to my apartment
I'll cook you a meal
You should know I don't normally do this
But for you baby, I will!

Even though I don't know how to cook
I'll still open a book
Perhaps I'll bake you a tart
Just to steal away your heart

We're 3 years apart
How's that for a start?
We both share the same passion
Which is tennis (if not fashion)

Bring me to Cyprus
And then, marry me
We could then change diapers
And start a family

So Baghdatis, Baghdatis
Won't you give me a kiss?
I'll kiss you back
Have I not mention that?


Anonymous said...

Pan...DIT~! (who used to call you that huh?)...WELL COMPOSED babe! Nice, nice , SWEEET~! I love it! It really shows your REAL feelings for him. I don't know why, but I LOVE it. You should at least post it up on his fan club or sth, does he HAVE one? Or email him, track him down, whatever. This poem WORTHS the hassles.


nabila said...

HAHA. Thanks babe! Wasn't so much of a hassle, did it over a 10-minute break but like you said,my feelings for him are REAL and translucent =P I don't wanna be in his fan mail, i want a real date!!!

Anonymous said...

Kan kan? Be in the fan mail doesn't make you special. So now, how, you've a plan?? *worried*



HRH Fiza said...

hahaha didnt no you love tennis that much! (and Marcos :p)
10-minute break, babe? you should write poem book, Ill definitely buy it! :)

amirulhafidz said...

Hahaha. I can see that he's got a very beautiful smile.

nabila said...

His smile is infectious! :)

Afifah said...

jap, i just realised that it rhymes! hehe