Tuesday, January 22, 2008

randomness: updated

1) I'd love to write a book/drama.I've got the storyline but can't seem to put everything in words since there's only so much you can think of,but little to write. Joint-venture,anyone? :)
2) If David Duchovney hits on anything that moves, I'm more of a person who's into anything that feeds my massive eating appetite i.e .FOOD. I've never starved myself and I don't think I can ever afford to do that because food temptation is just something I can't handle.
3) My secret dream job is to be a travel/food journalist,along the lines of what Asha Gill or Anthony Bourdain are doing,more or less.I mean,getting paid to travel, eat & talk - stuffs that i'm really good at and more importantly, don't mind doing. That's just awesome.
4) I used to dream of marrying a chef. Funny how I'm dating one right now.
5) I admit that I hardly have any trouble striking a conversation with anyone, but I'd much rather have only my close companions around me (not that I'm complaining).
6) I get bored with something/someone very,very easily. Which explains why I hang on to something that I really like for a reasonably long time. That's because I feel like it's hard to come across something that will really interest me.
7) I listen to very few songs, over and over again until I get sick of it. I got sick of Snowden after listening to just 342 times. Currently in Tegan and Sara mode - 6225 replays so far.
8) Politics, among other things, interest me and I embrace the value of democracy but I don't think I'll ever vote.
9) Barely 9 months ago, I swear I didn't even know how to properly peel or slice an onion, or operate the washing machine. Now I can safely say that (almost) all domestic chores are no longer alien to me.
10) I can't read maps and most manuals. And those closest to me would know that I'm definetely not a computer or camera enthusiast and that I'm technologically-challenged (most probably by choice..lol)
11) I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion! Especially addicted to shoes and handbags.
12) I believe in the fundamental values of socialism (in the economic sense) but I also believe in the mechanism of capitalism. I'm a mixture of both.
13) I know I've said this but I'm gonna repeat myself again: I want that vintage ankle boots I saw last week (not disclosing the price for fear of being permanently depressed for the entire week..lol) and a violet-red hair (i can put the mohawk on hold)

I'm tired.


HRH Fiza said...

heyy. update me on number FOUR please. and yes number 3 is just awesome, how do you get jobs like that, eh? lol

boleh boleh jom joint-venture huhu

take care, love :)

sarara said...

yes, agreeing with pcha, update us on four please

nabila said...

Urmm,yeah,i'm dating one.dats the update! lol. I dunno...wat do you people wanna know? :P

Afifah said...

My friend,

You know that when it comes to our batch, short answers like that never fails not to satisfy people :)

Didy said...

finally come across ur blog.
tau2 dah kat melby dah..

nabila said...

didy: hey babe! so you've got one too? I'll def check it out :) much love.