Thursday, January 3, 2008

"There's no place like home",even Alice can tell you that.

Okay people,i'm off to Melbourne tomorrow! =)

It's been an awesome holiday for me despite all the craziness that comes with it as well.Had heaps of fun going shopping,holidaying,eating(damn im gonna miss our authentic malaysian food),bbq-ing,watching movies oh-so-cheaply,the family gatherings,my house and mostly,just spending time with the people you love most.It's been a satisying,although a very short one this time.

I'll probly spend my winter in New Zealand,so I'm hopefully gonna see everyone again end of this year (unless you people wanna follow my mom here this easter break);P Anyways,I'm really gonna miss some certain people and just everything,in general :(

See you guys and keep in touch,people!You'll probly see me dwelling at the Aussie Open or sumthin =P And to Pipon,thank God we got to do some catching up before i leave tmrw and thanks for the lunch at Tony Roma's =) Love you babe.

Wish me luck!

Much love,


Afifah said...

well, i hope u'll discover new things going back there.. hehe

Anonymous said...

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