Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On friendships,spanish doughnuts and Britney Spears

Okay,so I haven't really been blogging.I must say that these past few posts have been nothing but an attempt to reassure everyone that I'm still alive and kickin.Well,guess what?

I am!

It couldn't have been a better farewell for me when BELLE,ANAT&PIPON showed up at the airport to send me off. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather see :) Reminds me,yet again,why I'm so lucky to have friends like that - friends that you know you can count on,people that have stood by you through thick and thin,and a friendship that seems effortless and undefined by time nor distance...And you know what's the funny part? I haven't seen them for like God knows how long yet everything was exactly the same.Hell,I've been through so many changes through out my life so it feels damn good to know that some things just don't change,they stay the same regardless.

Speaking of which I should change my hair color.I'm thinking dark purple but someone suggested that I have it dark ebony with streaks of blonde highlights...ERRRRRRRR,maybe not? Well, I've always said that I wanted a mohawk (in a Natalie Portman meets ANTM's Naima kind of way,mind you) but me mom's coming here in April so my hair's still going to be suspiciously short by then and I wouldn't want to freak her out plus daniel wants my hair long so FINE,i'll just stick to my boring old hairdo and I'll always have him to blame whenever I don't like it =P

Anyway,tomorrow's Wednesday and that means Spanish doughnuts! There's like an international food festive here every Wed and daniel brought me there once and their Spanish doughnuts were divine so we're going there again tomorrow night and probably catch a movie after that. I kinda have a thing for doughnuts whether it's Krispy Kreme's original glaze, San Churos or the jam doughnuts in Vic Market, I just love em :)

Oh,I can't wait for next week purely because I'm going for the Aussie Open.Or at least,that's what I plan to do =) And this time,I hope I can see more of Ancic. I thought he was awesome in last year's match and I hope it won't be another Nadal-FedEx final.Or...whatever.

Anyway,my Mom called last night just to inform me that Britney Spears is out of the mental hospital now after the visit from Dr. Phil. And I'm guessing it must be from CNN or probably E! News. I think both my parents are into it more than I am (I mean, my dad actually enjoys the Kimora Show and my parents are always seen watching Keeping up with the Kadashians together for Pete's sake! We're talking about MY parents here...freaky!) =P Ain't they adorable? Lol.

Okay,I'd love to babble more about Britney's unstable state of mind and what I think will happen to her but It's ciow for now. Maybe another time.


enchantress said...

Eeeeee........you make me feel like next time we bump into each other, there goes my cue to runaway and hide myself cos I never ever did send you off, not even once.

Tapi sweetie, manalah tahu kan, maybe whenever you're about to fly back to Australia, somehow I would know about it from people or FS, and MAYBE somewhere in my mind, i tell myself, GOODBYE again PAN..and TAKE CARE~

Afifah said...

nak ikut ur mom...