Friday, May 29, 2009

Hoping it's the dog's day.

For a person who has gone through exam stress for at least 7 years repeatedly (excluding primary school, of course), what's another exam, right?


Well, one would think that it gets better with time, but really, it doesn't.

Apart from the typical pre-exam habits like binge eating on comfort food and being sleep-deprived, and the occasional pre-exam zits and hideous eye bags that could probably scare little kids away - it's not exactly the same.

Not when your future job interviews (which is pretty much your future.period.) depend on this upcoming exam, to a large extent. And especially not when you have to compete with not only your fellow colleagues, but with possibly thousands of other locals here who all probably have more or less the same results on job applications.

You see, it's no longer about cruising through your uni life, or letting yourself get away with not scoring in your exams. This time, it's game on. And you sure as hell hope that at this rate, you're playing the cards right.

After all, you don't get lucky every day.

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