Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mon temps

The biggest loser (American version) is on air again! Yipee dee doo daa :)

Hopefully that will help boost my gym spirit and kick it up a notch.What happened to *ehem* getting a hot bod by summer,hmmm Nabila?

I missed those moments when I worked my ass off with the cardio machines and then feel great and healthy after.A lot of the contestants hate Gillian but I'd love to have her as my trainer.There's nothing like having a number one bitch screaming at you whilst having her watch you sweat your ass off! - if anything,it'll only motivate me more, especially when you strive to shed the kilos off and hope to have a body like hers.It's as close as you can get to materializing your dream.

Anyway,I wonder if any of the tv producers would consider doing a show on,instead of losing weight and all that, about dealing with the procrastinator in you? I swear I'd be fit to join that!But I guess I'm not as bad as I used to be, credits for that.And it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for my everyday organizer.Seriously,who knew planning your day could be so much fun? ;) Sheesh, I'm starting to sound all goody-goody.

While I'm at it, reminds me that I've got heaps to do for tomorrow:

1) Attend investment consultation
2) Doctor's appointment @ 3pm
3) French revision for test the next day
4) Go to the bank

And yes,you guessed right...gym! That is,if I get to squeeze it in between all that.

Adios people.

Long live organizers!

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Afifah said...

Me and my adik beradiks all watch the Biggest Loser too... tho I prefer to have that dude in the Blue team to my trainer, is it BOB? They have a personal trainer and thats what they do all they long, no fair!