Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with goat cheese and apple juice
Lunch: a plate full of rice with lamb curry, fish ball and mixed vege
Tea: Chocolates
Dinner: Rice with beef rendang and mixed vege
Supper: FLEMINGTON KEBAB (lamb kebab with mustard and garlic sauce) *yums*

I've been eating nonstop.This is what exams do to you.


Amirul Hafidz said...

My menu since Pet decided not to give us food:

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Bread/Maggi
Dinner - Kebab/Oporto/Instant pasta

Padan muka sapa suruh taktau masak. Haha.

Good luck exams.

nabila said...

LOL. I feel for you.

I could cook if I wanted to but it's the time value that's stopping me (especially with exams nearing). Hence, the catering decision. Yep, I'm still continuing with the same caterer but I'm paying her slightly less than what PET used to pay.

Thanks.Good luck to you too! I'll be needing every ounce of it.

bear said...

hey there..seems like u r having a great day there..hehe..all da best pal!

nabila said...

Helooooo bear :) Hope you're having a great day yourself xxxxx