Thursday, May 21, 2009

A short vent

My guilty conscience is ringing a bell in my head, telling me that blogging at this time (1.30am Melbourne time) is a no-no, especially when you have exams in about 2 weeks and have plenty to study still.

Clearly, it's not working.

Anyway,I just feel like venting - about how I wished I had focus more in investment lectures or went for the tutes.Urghh.Now I have to multiply my effort by a hundred times.I'm revising this topic on bond pricing and I find yield to maturity and zero rates quite confusing especially when you have 80 slides in ONE lecture =/ God help me please.

Other than that,I am perfectly aware of how unsettled my life is right now.I should start simplifying things and get more organized.And it should start with doing the laundry (cause I'm slowly running out of clothes to wear and I hate rotating my clothes all too often) and grocery shopping since I've got zilch food in my fridge, which causes frustration and unnecessary stress like now by yours truly.

And you thought I would've learned my lesson by now....

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