Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye autumn!

The wind is sweeping the autumn leaves away, dropping hints that winter is just another few 15'C-days away.

And I am, admittedly, one of those happy people. Yes, it's my favorite time of the year in Melbourne.

I appreciate the time where people would ditch their Havaianas in favor of their winter boots, leather shoes or newly-bought sneakers. I love to see the occasional splashes of bright colors amongst the mass of black,grey and beige winter coats, and how smartly dressed people are in winter - the knits, the skinny jeans, the woolen tights and leggings, the leather jacket (although this is getting too overrated, mind you), the scarves and hats, cardigans and so forth.I smile at the idea of putting pieces together. I love all that.

And for now, I am IN LOVE with this look:

Something utterly right about the way she puts the pieces together: the pants are nicely understated yet so appropriate for winter. And the shoes and the oversized-scarf paired with the baggy jacket just make me want to beg her to sell those pieces to me on e-Bay! Simple, comfortable yet so classy. I love it.

All I need is a cup of hot chocolate, a book and a comfortable blanket with my socks and favorite pjs on. Nothing beats that.

Now I have a reason not to go out : )

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