Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Terima Kasih

To these people, thank you for making my 3 weeks holiday (most probably the last holiday I'll have before I graduate) a blast! Just in case you're not in any of the pics, it means that I've forgotten to take a pic with you. Now it's back to a new academic year, with new books and new resolutions.


nabila said...

Hope you really enjoyed the trip.Wish I was there longer though and so sorry for the messy apartment (and room!) and my post-exam energy level and addiction to guitar hero which may have led us to camp in the house for a bit!I'm such a bad chaperon! =P

Melbourne loved you : )

Atif said...

Afifah, saya tidak tahu jika kamu jenis yang bermain dengan tag, tetapi jika kamu mahu membazirkan sedikit (atau banyak) masa, saya mahu mengetag kamu. Kalau sudi silalah, kalau tamo pun takpe (I'm actually not really expecting any response, but what the hell macam best pulak menjerit kat orang in cyberspace - TAAAGGG!!!)